Cannes Yacht Charters

Experience the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera on a luxury Cannes yacht charter. Cannes lives by the motto, “Life is a festival,” and everywhere you look that zest for life is on full display. The city – the crown jewel of the Cote d’Azur – breathes with passion and exuberance. From its bustling markets and couture shops to the sandy beaches and sun-soaked promenade, enchantment buzzes around every corner. With so much to see, do and taste, it’s no surprise Cannes is a favorite destination for luxury yacht charters.

Once a humble fishing village, Cannes has served as a resort destination since the 19th Century. Aristocrats “discovered” the village, and Cannes quickly become a trendy vacation destination.

Today, Cannes continues to welcome the rich and powerful. A quick look at the city’s deep-water harbor – filled with some of the most luxurious super yachts – proves that point. And it makes sense too. Cannes is a must-visit port-of-call for yachters, as it’s well-connected to other top destinations in the South of France.

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Cannes Yacht Charter Highlights

  • One of the most extravagant charter destinations
  • World-famous festivals and A-list events
  • Gateway to the French Riviera
  • Michelin restaurants and VIP nightclubs
  • A playground for the rich and famous
  • Couture shops and boutiques
  • Exclusive, sun-soaked beaches

Cannes Yachting: When to Go

Like most of the Mediterranean, yachting season in Cannes peaks in July and August. During the summer months, temperatures hover in the low-80s with cool breezes blowing in off the Med. Cannes yachts also tend to book up around the major festivals like the Cannes Film Festival in mid-May and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Many choose to charter in Cannes during the shoulder season months of June and September, as well. These months offer excellent weather (upper-70s), as well as fewer crowds. From May through September, Cannes and the South of France provide excellent sailing conditions: steady southernly winds, modest tidal ranges, and warm waters.

Cannes Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Cannes yacht charters

Whether you fancy the bustle of Rue Meynadier, plan to rub shoulders with celebrities at one of Cannes’ numerous clubs, or prefer a quiet exploration of the city’s history and architecture, Cannes offers a long list of experiences. Here are a few recommendations for what to see and experience when chartering a yacht in Cannes:

Cannes International Film Festival

In May each year, Cannes becomes the center of the movie-making universe, during the Cannes International Film Festival. The festival beckons Hollywood stars and hopefuls, as it has since 1946, and has earned a solid reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals (as evidenced by it being invitation-only). Demand for yacht rentals during this event is high – so book early.

Villa Rothschild

Once occupied by the German Kommandantur during World War II, today, Villa Rothschild is home to the main library of Cannes. Built in the neoclassical style, this architectural gem is adorned in finely-carved oak wood paneling and trompe l’oeil paintings, and it’s surrounded by a historic park dotted with various palm trees and gardens. Visitors to the villa often go for its plentiful events – like its free art exhibition or Friday evening concerts.

La Croisette

Cannes’s gorgeous seaside promenade, La Croisette, offers stunning views of the sparkling Mediterranean and the hills above. This is the place to be and be seen in Cannes. Take in the surroundings and fashionable people, or stop in at one of the numerous cafes, bars, or beach clubs. A stroll along La Croisette is an ideal way to while away an afternoon.

Iles de Lerins

The Lerins – four small, forested islands off the coast of Cannes – offer a natural escape from the city. With hiking trails, historic castles, and stunning views, the Lerins are a popular destination for visitors to the French Riviera. Two islands in particular are the most popular. On Ile St. Marguerite visit the Fort de I’Ile – where the Man in the Iron Mask as imprisoned – or take your yacht rental over to nearby Ile Honorat, another stunning and tranquil island.

Marche Forville

Located near Rue Meynadier, a lively commercial avenue, Marche Forville, a daily farmers market featuring the best of the best in local produce and fare, puts on a dazzling display of the South of France’s finest fresh foods. Taste Provence’s best cheeses, wines, produce and or snap some photos of the colorful stalls.

Rue d’Antibes

Wander down Rue d’Antibes – where you’ll find a smattering of high-end designer shops. The narrow cobbled-studded street houses a range of couture shops – like MaxMara and Missoni. You’ll find outposts for top designer fashions, a must visit if you’re in the mood to shop.

Villa Domergue

Thought to be one of Cannes’ hidden treasures, Villa Domergue was designed by artist-extraordinaire Jean-Gabriel Domergue for his wife, Odette – a popular sculptor whose work can be found throughout the property’s gardens. Considered the “inventor of the pin-up,” Jean-Gabriel was regarded for his female portraits and elaborate parties.

While on a Yacht Charter in Cannes

  • Take your yacht to explore the lush Lerin Islands, just off the coast of Cannes, and enjoy a relaxing beach picnic
  • Pamper yourself at one of Cannes high-end spas
  • Head inland to one of the many historic vineyards in Provence and taste the best French wine
  • Take to the waters off La Croisette for windsurfing, parasailing, and sea kayaking
  • Relax on Plage du Midi, a stunning beach located near Cannes’ Old Town
  • Shop the designer boutiques and high-end jewelry shops along cobbled Rue d’Antibes
  • Discover the historical artifacts at the marine-themed museum, Musee de la Mer, and take in the beautiful cliffside views