9 Best Beaches in Cuba

There’s a reason that Cuba’s a bucket list Caribbean destination. Incredible weather, enchanted colonial cities and vibrant cultural experiences, to name a few reasons.

Yet, despite so much to do and see in Cuba’s cities and villages, a vacation here wouldn’t be complete without touring the island’s incredible beaches. In every corner of Cuba, you’ll find serene and idyllic white-sand beaches. From tourist hotspots like Varadero, to the pristine beaches of the island’s numerous sandy cays, Cuba is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Looking for spots to stop on your yacht charter in Cuba? These are the 10 best beaches in Cuba that you won’t want to miss.

  1. Playa Paraiso

With a name like Playa Paraiso – or Paradise Beach – it’s only fitting this stretch of sand was named one of best beaches in the world by TripAdvisor. Paraiso truly is Paradise.

Tucked away on Cuba’s Cayo Largo del Sur, Paraiso retains its natural charm. The beach hasn’t been overdeveloped, and now it’s the perfect locale for soaking up some hot Caribbean sun. The beach features miles of sparkling sand, as well as nearby corals to explore on guided snorkel trips. But the real draw is Paraiso Beach’s beauty: This is the most postcard-worthy beach in all of Cuba.

Make It a Daytrip: Hire some beach chairs or a cabana for the day and bask in the sun. Then, check out nearby Playa Sirena – another amazing beach – for kayaking and paddleboarding.

  1. Playa Ancon

Located just eight miles from Trinidad, the capital of the Sancti Spiritus province and a World Heritage Site, 2.5-mile Playa Ancon might be one of Cuba’s best-kept secrets. Ancon is the best place for some R&R or cay-hopping, as there are plenty of coral cays to explore just offshore.

When you go, be sure to stick around until sunset. Ancon is magical when the sun goes down.

Make It a Daytrip: Nearby Trinidad is a must-visit gem. The historic colonial city offers postcard-worthy snapshots around every corner, as well as artisan shopping and incredible seafood.

  1. Cayo Blanco

The beach-rimmed Cayo Blanco is a Caribbean dream, home to some of Cuba’s most virgin beaches. The small island – about 12 miles long and just a quarter-mile wide – is exceptionally beautiful and it’s surrounded by vibrant barrier reefs. This is a must-stop destination for snorkeling in Cuba.

The real draw is the solitude. The beaches are untouched – you’ll have them mostly to yourselves. Yet, if you’re looking to salsa, head to the Ranchon, the island’s beach bar, where live music and fruity Caribbean cocktails are always on tap.

Make It a Daytrip: Located just a short trip from the Varadero peninsula, Cayo Blanco is a beach paradise. Snorkel the waters – it’s home to black coral, an endangered species – and visit one of the peninsula’s upmarket spas.

  1. Playa Pilar

At the tip of Guillermo Cay and just 30 miles from The Bahamas, you’ll find Playa Pilar, which is often remarked as the best beach in all of Cuba, if not the Caribbean. Known for its sapphire Caribbean waters and towering sand dunes (some of the largest in the region), the beach is perfect for an active afternoon.

Pilar is a kayaker’s paradise. There are plenty of coves and inlets to explore by sea. Or if you’d rather stick to the land, spend an afternoon hiking the dunes. In some places, the dunes are nearly 40-feet high and offer spectacular views of the scenery.

Make It a Daytrip: Soak up the sun in Pilar, before heading to nearby Cayo Coco. In Cayo Coco, you’ll find numerous adventures from ropes courses, to dolphin-watching trips.

  1. Playa Guardalavaca

When Christopher Columbus landed in Guardalavaca in the 1400s, the explorer remarked it was the most beautiful place he’d ever seen. In fact, a statue on the beach memorializes his trip. Today, Guaradalavaca remains stunningly beautiful, known for its turquoise waters and powdery sands.

Guardalavaca is a favorite diving destination. One of Cuba’s best diving schools is located here. And as it caters to tourists, the area offers plenty to do and see.

Make It a Daytrip: Experience the beach by horseback or Jeep tour, before going for a swim in the warm shallows. Then head out to the Delfinario, an amazing aquarium, to swim with the dolphins.

  1. Coral Beach

Looking for one of the best shore snorkeling spots in Cuba? Head to Coral Beach, located in the Varadero region. The namesake reef is located just off the shore, and the snorkeling is best during high tide.

Visitors are treated to an abundance of biodiversity. More than 300 species of fish call the reef home, and there are numerous underwater caves. The area is also a popular diving spot, with several outfitters on the beach.

Make It a Daytrip: Coral Beach is located just outside of Matanzas, the musical and literary capital of Cuba. Spend the morning snorkeling, before a trip into the city to dance rumba. Be sure to stop at the Faro de Maya lighthouse on the way.

  1. Cayo Santa Maria

As Cuba’s largest cay, Santa Maria is a must-stop in the Jardines del Rey area. The cay is rimmed by nearly six miles of white sand beach that are met by beautiful aquamarine water. This is a favorite spot for water sports. Kite surfing is big here, as are sailing and paddleboarding.

Head to the cay’s northern coast, where you’ll find the best collections of beaches including Perla Blanca and Cuatro Punta.

Make It a Daytrip: Tour the nearby keys, Cayo Esenachos and Cayo Frances. Both cays offer some truly spectacular beaches, and great watersports opportunities. You can reach Cayo Frances via a causeway, but Cayo Ensenachos must be reached by boat.

  1. Playa Los Bajos

Playa Los Bajos is a stunner in Cuba’s southeast. Known for its Caribbean good looks and long stretch of white sand, the beach is perfect for a quiet, relaxing respite. Los Bajos is certainly an undiscovered gem, and visitors typically have a run of the beach even during peak charter season.

What’s really a draw here is its shallow depth. The shallows extend nearly 75 feet out.

Make It a Daytrip: Playa Los Bajos is located just east of the Bay of Gibara. Stop in the town of Gibara, a sleepy beachside town that’s perfect for a relaxing afternoon rum cocktail.

  1. Veradara Beach

This sparkling gem was named the No. 2 Beach in the World in a recent TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice. And that makes sense. The Veradara region is Cuba’s beach resort mecca and it’s home to some of the country’s most picturesque and pristine beaches.

Veradara is hands-down one of the best. The beach is absolutely stunning, with its 20km stretch of white sand and lush mountain backdrop. The beach is perfect for swimming, water sports or just soaking up some sun.

Make It a Daytrip: Veradara is the hub of tourism in Cuba, and there are numerous shoreside amenities for visitors. From spa trips, to horseback riding and lively beach bars, you’ll find a variety of adventure in Veradara.

Visit These Beaches on a Yacht Charter in Cuba

A luxury yacht charter provides the perfect chance to explore the charms, history and beautiful beaches of Cuba. Ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in paradise? Contact your broker with Worldwide Boat today and learn more about our Cuban yacht charter options.