Cuba Yacht Charters

Step back in time on a Cuba yacht charter and explore this captivating country where rolling mountains descend onto dazzling shores, where doting grandfathers smoke fine cigars and drive vintage cars, and where locals grab a beer and debate the latest baseball game.

When you are on a charter yacht in the tropical oasis of Cuba, you can spend your days lounging on white-sand beaches or go swimming in the azure waters.

On land, the colors of Cuban towns match its island vibe. Walk through quiet, relaxed Trinidad, and you’ll find cobblestone streets and plazas lined with pastel buildings.

Head to the capital, Havana, and you’ll find clubs pulsing with Afro-Cuban jazz, people dancing to soothing timba beats on the streets, Ché Guevara posters,1950s-era Chevrolets, and open street markets with flavorful fruits and vegetables.

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