Cuba Yacht Charter

Travel back in time on your luxury yacht charter in Cuba

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  • Step back in time on your Cuba yacht charter and explore this captivating country where rolling mountains descend onto dazzling shores, where doting grandfathers smoke fine cigars and drive vintage cars, and where locals grab a beer and debate the latest baseball game.

    When you are on a charter yacht in the tropical oasis of Cuba, you can spend your days lounging on white-sand beaches or go swimming in the azure waters. On land, the colors of Cuban towns match its island vibe. Walk through quiet, relaxed Trinidad, and you’ll find cobblestone streets and plazas lined with pastel buildings. Head to the capital, Havana, and you’ll find clubs pulsing with Afro-Cuban jazz, people dancing to soothing timba beats on the streets, Ché Guevara posters,1950s-era Chevrolets, and open street markets with flavorful fruits and vegetables.

    For reasons we can’t explain, magical Cuba draws you in and doesn’t let you go. On your next yacht charter adventure at sea, discover the magic for yourself.

    Why Charter a Yacht in Cuba?

    Cuba is filled with magnificent, sugary-sand beaches
    From the ivory, sands shores of Playa Ancón, a water sports hub just minutes from vibrant Trinidad, to the vast, glistening sands of Playa Paraíso and Playa Sirena, Cuba has plenty of magical beaches to choose from. Looking for something a little quieter, with more space to relax in solitude? Head to the Bay of Pigs. With its rocky coves, clear waters and endless rows of swaying palms, this beach is as historic as it is beautiful.

    Havana is a bustling world of its own
    There’s no denying that Old Havana is a cultural destination. Perfect for every type of yacht charter guest, Havana is the heart of this iconic island; home to everything from the propaganda-heavy Museum of the Revolution and the swanky Vedado jazz district, to its famous cigars, salsa clubs, the Cuban National Ballet, interesting locals and more. The sounds of Havana, and of all of Cuba, are reason enough to visit. Music in Cuba always gets people on their feet.

    You won’t be able to get enough of Cuba’s delicious, hearty food
    If you haven’t had Cuban food, you’re missing out — and no one does it quite like the island itself. Cuban staples include ropa vieja, a stewed and shredded beef; ceviche, a lime-marinated raw fish; light, flaky Cuban bread; cafesito; minty, rum-filled mojitos and more. Ask your yacht’s chef to prepare Cuban cuisine for you and your charter guests and also head onshore and try some local restaurants.

    Cuba offers a peek into a complicated history
    As rampant as Cuban politics have been, its towns have been that much more beautiful. A colonial haven, Cuba’s UNESCO cities are still a throwback to the pirate days of the Caribbean, where grandiose squares and cobblestone streets are lined with colorful shops, restaurants and homes. Head outside of the cities, and you’ll find emerald hills sloping into vast tobacco plantations, the core of one of its most historic exports: Cuban cigars.

    It’s time to experience all of the charm and magic of Cuba aboard a crewed luxury yacht charter. Cuba awaits; book your yacht rental with us today!