Boasting an incredible history and a rich cultural heritage, the city of Zadar, in Croatia, takes yacht charter guests a step back in time. With historical artifacts from the ancient and Medieval eras scattered across city streets, Zadar was unintentionally designed with the explorer in mind.

Characterized by quaint cobblestone streets – each of which are surrounded by elements of Zadar’s obvious culture: like outdoor concerts, theaters, museums and archeological exhibitions – the city is a world of its own.

Contrasting its historic feel is its reputation as the urban center of northern Dalmatia. Home to more than 75,000 residents, a large number for a city of its size, Zadar is the administrative, cultural, economic and political center of the area; making it the perfect place for yacht charter guests to come experience its antiquated past, delicious local fare, mystical Adriatic Sea views and enchanting way of life.

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