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As the most mysterious of the islands of Central Dalmatia, the anti-industrial, pleasantly serene Island Vis floats furthest from mainland Croatia. Known for its production of some of Croatia’s best white wines, it is adorned in natural vineyards – spread between its two primary towns, Komiza and Vis Town.

While Vis Town reflects the nobility of the island’s past, Komiza is known for its important role in the fishing history of Croatia, and beyond that, the world. The birthplace of fishing, Komiza boasts a history of avid fishermen who developed a trading system along the Pacific Coast of North and South America. Stemming from the 12th century, Komiza’s historical significance still shines through today – meaning it should come as no surprise that it is an ideal destination for a yacht charter in Croatia.

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Vis Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Vis yacht charters

Fishermen’s Museum

Housed in the Island of Vis’ historical Venetian tower, Grimaldi, Fishermen’s Museum is home to ancient Croatian fishing tools and a life-size replica of gajeta “Falkusa,” the traditional fishing boat of the people of Komiza. Given the surrounding town’s historical significance in the sport of fishing, this museum is both a critical modern-day tourist attraction and a gateway into the past.


Known formally as the Church of St. Nikola’s, “Muster” is a small Renaissance church located in the heart of Komiza. Built by the Benedictines in the 13th century, this convent pays homage to St. Nikola, the patron saint of Komiza believed to protect passengers, sailors and fishermen. Home to the first church fortress in all of Dalmatia, this five-nave religious locale gradually declined after the Benedictines left the church in the 15th century. Today, whatever remains attracts yacht charter guests for its historical and local significance.

Stiniva Bay

Lined with throngs of old pine trees and a sandy, pebbled beach, Stiniva Bay is the most idyllic and interesting of the Island of Vis’ hidden bays. Resting peacefully on the south part of the island, Stiniva Bay is surrounded by steep cliffs and no footpaths; meaning visitors to this hidden treasure can only get to it by boat.

Blue Grotto

Perched on the eastern side of the island of Bisevo, Croatia’s Blue Grotto is just a short sail from Island Vis. Regarded for its glowing, iridescent blue light – which shines into the cave through a submarine-like hole in its ceiling – Blue Grotto is considered one of the most naturally beautiful spots in the enchanting Adriatic Sea. The result of waves lapping against Bisevo’s limestone rock, causing a gradual erosion, Blue Grotto can be entered in one of two ways: through its natural entrance at the top, or its artificial one, added in 1884 so small boats could take in its wondrous beauty. One of the most fascinating natural sites in all of Croatia, and all over the world, today, Blue Grotto attracts more than 10,000 tourists each year.

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