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On your Yacht Charter in Trogir, visit the historic town, a UNESCO Heritage Site, beautifully set within medieval walls

As quaint as it is enchanting, the small village of Trogir is recognized for its characteristic Medieval walls, winding streets, and a whimsical, lively vibe; fitting, considering it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lined with traditional bars and cafes, the town’s idyllic seaside promenade is commonly frequented by yachters in the warm summer months; still buzzing with activity, mainly by locals, during the winter. Floating aimlessly along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, the town’s surrounding area, Trogir Riviera, is an archipelago of twenty islands, some only as small as a village. A yacht charter in Trogir offers a perfect combination of sea, nature, and history.

Distinguishing itself from the pack, Trogir is unique to Central Dalmatia due to its throngs of Roman and Renaissance architecture. Just a short distance from Split, Trogir is a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily living; and given its impressive cathedral, a beautiful one, at that.

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Trogir Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Trogir yacht charters

Cipiko Palace

Standing tall directly across from the village’s majestic cathedral, Cipiko Palace was home to the family for which it is named: the Cipiko family, some of the most prominent individuals of that region during the 15th century. Designed and built by Firentinac and Alesi, this structure is recognizable for is unique elements – including, but not limited to, a carved wooden statue of a cockerel stemming from a Turkish war in the 1400s, and a window designed in the Venetian Gothic style; two features atypical of that time.

Kamerlengo Fortress

Originally built during the 14th century, Kamerlengo Fortress symbolizes Trogir’s varied place in Croatian history. Known most for being the site of a Fascist-led massacre in the late 1900s, the fortress currently holds a special memorial plaque commemorating that event. Once dominated by the French, the property housing Kamerlengo Fortress is also home to a beautiful gazebo where French Marshal Marmont used to pass time by playing card games and taking in Trogir’s most beautiful, seaside views. Today, this fortress is used as both a historical site and a venue; it even hosts the Trogir Summer Festival.

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

Sitting right in the heart of the town center, on the main square, the impressive Cathedral of St. Lawrence has become one of Trogir’s most important and central landmarks. First erected between the 13th and 15th centuries by the area’s most talented builder, a man by the name of Master Radovan, its artistry and architecture are considered some of the most beautiful in all of Croatia. Most notable about this haunt is the intricacy with which the infrastructure was designed; look closely, and one will see Radovan’s detailed human figures, like Adam and Eve, and his fluctuation between the early and flamboyant gothic styles. Revolved around St. Lawrence’s three-naved, Venetian-style cathedral, the property housing the site is also home to the Chapel of St. Ivan and a cathedral tower that boasts immaculate views.

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