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Split yacht charters offer a glimpse of the buzzing city of Split with its perfect mixture of medieval history and modern city life

As the second-largest city in Croatia, bustling Split is a snapshot of Dalmatia’s vibrant living at its finest. The meeting point of antiquity and modernity, life in Split is always buzzing with lively taverns, packed boutiques, delicious fare, and of course, historically beautiful landmarks, like Diocletian’s Palace, that give this part of this world-renown tourist destination its reputation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Surrounded by jagged, but idyllic, cliffs, and the translucent waters of the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Split has become famous among yacht charter guests for both its culture and its functionality. Originally a settlement surrounding the palace – which was built by the Roman emperor who gives it its name, Diocletian – today, it is a primary transportation hub to Central Dalmatia. With a seafront, Riva, recently redecorated in all marble to reflect Split’s more modern transition, this vibrant, whimsical city appears magical, even from the sea.

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Split Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See in Split

Split yacht charters

Statue of Gregory of Nin

Designed by Ivan Mestrovic, a famous Croatian sculpture artist, the statue of Gregory of Nin – or to the locals, “Grgur Ninski” – pays homage to the 10th-century bishop for whom it was named; a man who fought for the right to use old Croatian in religious services. As one of the city’s most popular landmarks, the big toe of the statue is believed to bring good luck to all who rub it, ultimately guaranteeing that tourists later return to Split. It won’t take much to convince visitors that this belief rings true; if they look closely, they’ll see the toe is shiny gold, after the millions who have already rubbed it.


Regarded for its gorgeous, pristine views of Split, the city’s cathedral belltower is a welcoming spot for yacht charter guests to take in the best view of all of Croatia. As antique as it is idyllic, the climb to the top is a daring feat for those willing to brave its fickle staircase. However, once they arrive at the top and catch a glimpse of Croatia’s colorful landscapes, vibrant sun and sparkling blue waters, the beauty they behold overcomes any residual fear.

Diocletian’s Palace

Better coined as an entire “complex” rather than just a palace, Diocletian’s Palace is the most important historical landmark in all of Split. Combining history and modernity, its Peristyle, or central open space, is surrounded by a colonnade that includes six large columns on each side; bronze, gold, silver, and iron gates; and a majestic arch, adorned in garlands, at its entrance. Its walls enclose lines of shops and bars inviting visitors to take in its charming history; a symbol of Croatia’s diverse and ancient culture. Make sure you visit this landmark on your Split yacht charter.

The Cathedral of St. Domnius

Originally built as a mausoleum for the Roman emperor, Diocletian, this site was later turned into a cathedral by inhabitants of nearby Salona who fled to Split in the 7th century, after their village was attacked. Standing tall just east of Peristyle, this cathedral, which is uniquely shaped like an octagon, holds a series of ancient monuments; including undeniable scenes of Christ’s life, carved by Andrija Buvina in the 13th century and resting on the cathedral’s large wooden entrance doors. Before that, the cathedral was actually erected to hold the bones of Bishop Domnius, whose execution had been ordered by Diocletian himself.

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