South Dalmatia

South Dalmatian islands, including Dubrovnik and Korcula, are the most popular islands in Croatia

As whimsical as they are stoic, the Croatian islands of South Dalmatia blend Mediterranean tradition with modern chic. Devoid of mass tourism, this region of the Adriatic Sea maintains its inherent tradition and antiquity; bringing in just enough boutique hotels, shopping, delectable restaurants and marinas to accommodate its varied yacht charter guests.

Known for its dramatic, rocky coastlines covered in green, its rolling hills, lush flora and most interesting, its vast vineyards, South Dalmatia is a charter Paradise all of its own. Floating at the southernmost point of Croatia, these islands offer an escape draped in natural luxury and discretion; so expect your days here to be a welcome respite.

Here are the most beautiful spots to visit the next time you are on a yacht charter in the islands of South Dalmatia:

DubrovnikDubrovnik: Dubrovnik is the most well known destination in Croatia, and not without reason. Full of history and cultural heritage, this city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its beautiful natural surroundings, preserved cultural and historical architecture have made Dubrovnik one of the most visited cities on the Adriatic Sea, and it never fails to leave yacht charter guests in awe.

KorculaKorcula: Considered one of the most well preserved medieval towns in the world, Korcula is believed by the people of Croatia to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. Its narrow streets and Old Town walls make it the perfect place for yacht charter guests to explore Croatia’s unique history, while its sandy beaches, atypical of the area, invite you to relax under the warm Croatian sun.

PeljesacPeljesac: The long, narrow peninsula of Peljesac stands out from the rest because of its interesting shape, diverse terrain and unique culture. Dotted with vast vineyards wherever you turn, Peljesac has become known for its grapes. In fact, it produces some of the finest wines in all of Croatia. Not only the wine, the island is also known are a water sports paradise.

MljetIsland Mljet: Dubbed as Croatia’s greenest island, Island Mljet is characterized by its expansive national park. Home to two saltwater lakes, Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero, the landscape of the island makes this destination truly unique; especially considering one of the lakes houses an even smaller island holding nothing but a Benedictine monastery.

LastovoIsland Lastovo: Most known for its olive and wine orchards, Island Lastovo is part of an archipelago of 46 smaller islands. Dotted with unspoiled landscapes and rugged cliffs, Island Lastovo is as beautiful as it is discreet; meaning it should come as no surprise that this island was also declared a nationally-protected area in 2006.