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Explore Historic Sibenik on Your Yacht Charter in Croatia

Just a short distance from Split, Sibenik is one of Croatia’s liveliest towns – one characterized by its beautiful, protected harbor, quaint streets, enchanting town squares, and windows into the past.

The town squares are dotted with a mix of colorful, modern storefronts and antiquated architecture, all frequented by smiling residents, many of whom come from generations of family members who have spent their whole lives in whimsical Sibenik.

From classic churches and fortresses to majestic palaces, delicious fare, and charming people, Sibenik is a yacht charter destination meant to be explored. Home to a variety of interesting cultural festivals – like the International Children’s Festival, Summer Organ School, and Sibenik Summer, to name a few – Sibenik is a perfect destination for yacht charters in Croatia.

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Sibenik Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Sibenik yacht charters

Here are some beautiful sites in Sibenik for you to explore during your next yachting escape through Croatia:

The Cathedral of St. James

One of the most important sights in Sibenik, the Cathedral of St. James – the construction of which lasted from 1431 to 1536 – is considered, today, to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Made of limestone and marble, this cathedral underwent two key phases of construction; the first, by Italian masters, and the second, by world-famous Croatian sculptor, Juraj Dalmatinac. To commemorate Jurac’s work, the greatest Croatian sculptor of the 20th century, Ivan Mestrovic, sculpted a statue of Jurac Dalmatinac on the same square as the cathedral.

St. Michael’s Fortress

Offering idyllic views of Sibenik, Krk River, and the rest of the Adriatic islands below, St. Michael’s Fortress is one of Sibenik’s most raved-about sites. A testament to Croatia’s varied history, this Medieval fort dates as far back as the 13th century, with modern preservation elements added to convert the historic site into a summer concert venue.

St. Francis’ Church

Dating back to the end of the 14th century, this grandiose church is adorned with plentiful Venetian baroque paintings, fine frescoes, and a one-of-a-kind, painted wooden ceiling created in 1674. This church is the principal shrine of St Nikola Tavilić, a Franciscan missionary who became the first Croatian saint when he was martyred in Jerusalem in 1391.

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Sibenik, a gem on the Croatian coast, is one of the most beautiful naturally protected harbors in the Adriatic, making it a perfect yacht charter destination.