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Explore the wealth of Roman architecture and a bustling seaside city on your Pula Yacht Charter

Located in the heart of beautiful Istria – which is characterized by its enchanting coastline, rolling hills, and rocky, jagged coast – Pula is one of Croatia’s most popular havens for yachters and shipbuilders.

Having once served as headquarters for Romans, and later, an Austro-Hungarian naval port, today, Pula welcomes yacht charter guests to explore its streets and take a step back in history.

Just like any other town, the central powers of Pula are driven by a focus on business, government, and commerce. But for fun, the town’s residents and yacht charter guests can take advantage of concerts and events at the authentic Roman amphitheater, try the delicious local fare, head to the nightclubs, or spend their days basking in the Croatian sun at the beach on Verudela Peninsula.

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Pula Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Pula yacht charters

During your next yacht charter in Croatia, anchor at Pula and experience some of its most beautiful sites:

Cathedral of the Assumption

Located on the south side of Pula Bay, at the foothills of a 17th-century Venetian fort, the Cathedral of the Assumption is one of only two official seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Poreč and Pula. With churches onsite first built as far back as the 4th- and 5th-century AD, today, the present-day church is still used for worship – and still takes visitors back to antiquity in Pula.

Gate of Hercules

Standing tall between two Medieval towers, the Gate of Hercules marks the entrance to what was once an Ancient Roman settlement. The result of simple construction, the Gate of Hercules is made of uncarved stone blocks, and bears an original, though now broken, carving of the head of Hercules and his club. Proving its historic significance is an inscription containing the names of two Roman officials, Lucius Calpurnius Piso and Gaius Cassius Longinus, who were originally charged with founding a Roman colony in Pula.

Temple of Augustus

Situated in the Forum, and built between the year 2 BC and 14 AD, the Temple of Augustus is dedicated to the goddess Roma and Emperor Augustus. Originally built as a pagan place of worship, the temple’s function changed throughout history – since then, it has served as a church, a granary, and at the start of the 19th century, even a museum for stone monuments. Today, the Temple of Augustus houses an impressive collection of ancient stone and bronze sculptures.

Triumphal Arch of the Sergi

Built between 29 and 27 BC, the Triumphal Arch of the Sergi was erected to honor three members of the Sergi family who held important positions in Pula at the time. Constructed in the Corinthian style — and ornately decorated, with influences from Greece and Asia Minor — this arch is oftentimes referred to as “ Golden Gate. ” Torn down in the 19th century due to city expansion, today, the arch stands next to a town square; the site of some of Pula’s best theatrical and musical performances, as well as shopping.

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