Montenegro Yacht Charters

Explore the rugged mountains, medieval villages, and sandy beaches on your Montenegro yacht charter

Montenegro offers yacht charter guests a bit of everything: A beautiful coastline, dramatic mountains, Venetian-inspired UNESCO-recognized towns and villages, hidden islands, and sun-soaked beaches. In other words, Montenegro is an ideal charter destination, rich in history, culture, and delicious cuisine.

Though not much larger than the state of Connecticut, Montenegro is, in fact, an independent country, and it’s sandwiched between Croatia and Albania. An undiscovered Adriatic yacht charter destination, Montenegro’s unique culture, and architecture are the results of a melting pot of history, including Slavic, Illyrian, Greek, and Roman rule. Today, the country is one of the most unique in all of Europe. Montenegro’s ancient seaside villages feature eclectic Old World architecture – with examples from its many eras. And the country’s one-of-a-kind seafood shows its Greek and Italian influences.

Thanks to its stunning landscapes – like the UNESCO-recognized Bay of Kotor – one-of-a-kind architecture, and ideal location in South Dalmatia, this tiny independent nation is a favorite itinerary stop for yacht charters, or those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

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Montenegro Yacht Charters

Montenegro’s hub of yachting – the Bay of Kotor – sits within cruising distance of many Croatian charter hot-spots like Dubrovnik and the Lastovo Archipelago. That makes Montenegro an ideal hub for your exploration of South Dalmatia.

You might start your charter in Croatia and work your way south, or begin by cruising the Bay of Kotor, before traveling up the numerous and picturesque islands and towns that dot the Croatian coast. Many Montenegrin charters include stops in:

  • Dubrovnik: Located just north of the Montenegrin border, Dubrovnik is an Old World gem of the Adriatic. The city’s stunning Old Town is packed with ancient history, as well as world-class wine bars, seafood cafes and incredible piazzas.
  • Lastovo Archipelago: A chain of 46 islands, which is situated just west of Dubrovnik, Lastovo Island and its surrounding islets offer a quiet respite for charterers.
  • Korcula Island: Located north of Dubrovnik, you’ll find Korcula Island, which is revered for its Old World architecture, fun vibrant atmosphere, and stunning beaches.

See all that South Dalmatia has to offer – stop in Montenegro and Croatia on your next charter adventure. Worldwide Boat’s team of brokers can design a personalized itinerary for you that features the best of both.

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Best Time  to Charter in Montenegro

Montenegro, like many of its neighbors, offers reliable year-round Mediterranean weather. The yachting season (mid-spring to mid-fall) is warm and dry, while winters are met and mild.

Peak yacht season in Montenegro tends to occur in late summer, particularly July and August, when the temperatures peak in the 80s. May, June, and September are also quite popular months for yacht charters. The beaches are quieter, and the temperatures are perfect – settling into the mid-70s.

Interested in a sailing yacht charter? Well, Montenegro and the region are known for consistent westerly winds in the summer, and northern winds in the winter.

Where to Go on Your Montenegro Yacht Charter

Montenegro may be one of the smallest countries in Europe. Yet, despite its small stature, this Dalmatian country is full of must-see historic landmarks, ancient architecture, and medieval coastal towns.

From the towns in the north around the Bay of Kotor – like Tivat, with its Byzantine architecture – to the beach parties of the Budva Riviera and chic, trendy Sveti Stefan, your Montenegro itinerary will be full of one-of-a-kind experiences in off-the-beaten-path villages and destinations.

Here are some of the beautiful spots in Montenegro you should visit during your next yachting adventure:


Tucked between majestic mountains and idyllic bay waters, the dramatic and picturesque town of Kotor is a place unlike any other. Most notably, Kotor is recognized for its arched city walls, which took nearly 10 centuries to become what they are today. Inside, Kotor is stunning, featuring marbled pathways, cozy piazzas, ancient churches and plentiful shops, bars and eateries. At night, these walls light up the sky, creating a beautiful image reflected in the town’s sparkling waters.


Once an enchanting and historic haunt, beautiful Budva, today, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Montenegro area. Home to an Old Town (known locally as “Stari Grad”) and a collection of beautiful beaches, Budva has become a mainstay for yachters, European travelers, wealthy “spring breakers” and more. In fact, today the Budva Riviera is the Monaco of Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan

Just south of Budva, sits the tiny island of Sveti Stefan. The island welcomes you with its 15th-century stone dwellings and picturesque terracotta rooftops, and the island’s stunning mountain backdrops. Connected to the mainland by a causeway, this idyllic locale is, in its entirety, the luxurious Amam resort – only to be visited by the paying guests actually staying there. As Sveti Stefan rests at the base of steep slopes to mainland Montenegro, the view from the top is nothing if not enchanting.


Ulcinj is the southernmost city of the Montenegro coast and features the longest beach in the Adriatic – Velika Plaza which is 13 km long.


Bar is home to some impressive ruins: those of Stari Bar, or the “Old Bar,” filled with mosques and Ottoman-inspired buildings – remnants of Bar’s centuries under Turkish rule many years ago.


As it gradually transforms from an ancient naval base to a luxury haunt, Tivat is one of the most interesting towns in Montenegro. Bearing the reputation as one of the sunniest spots on Boka Kotorska, Tivat houses one of the area’s largest Croatian and Catholic communities. In an effort to increase its popularity as a yacht charter destination, its tree-lined waterfront recently became home to a slew of interesting restaurants: from casual, local fare to “must-try” tourist haunts with delicious, though fittingly pricey, menus.

Montenegro Yacht Charters – Discover the Secluded Splendor

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