Island Mljet

Discover beauties of the lush and forested island Mljet while cruising Croatia

Mljet CroatiaAs one of the larger islands in South Dalmatia, Island Mljet is regarded for having Croatia’s most verdant, green and beautiful landscapes. Bordered by a sandy coastline, clear and sparkling waters, and lush, Mediterranean flora, Mljet is equal parts seductive and discreet.

An unspoiled oasis of tranquility, Island Mljet is distinguished by its two saltwater lakes, Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero, the first of which encompasses another island – one that holds nothing but an old Benedictine monastery floating peacefully in the lake’s center.

Known for producing delectable white and red wines, olives and goat’s cheese, Island Mljet boasts a local gastronomic scene unlike any other place on earth. According to legend, Odysseus was held captive on Island Mljet for seven years; just outside one of the island’s quaint, and perfect, fishing villages.

Stop by Island Mljet during your next Croatia yacht charter through South Dalmatia for an island experience you won’t soon forget.

Things to Do and See on Mljet

Mljet National Park

On an island already regarded for its natural beauty, an ecological reserve would have to be pretty spectacular to be deemed the island’s own national park. With the island’s two saltwater lakes at its core, surrounded by quaint walkways lined with pine trees, Mljet National Park is ideal for yacht charter guests interested in spending an enchanting day exploring nature. To make the most of it, take a kayak out on one of the lakes, hop on a boat to the Benedictine monastery in the middle of Veliko Jezero, go for a stroll through the pine trees or float in the translucent, sparkling waters of the park’s natural lakes.

Odysseus Cave

Famous for the legendary figure after whom it was named, Odysseus – who is believed to have been shipwrecked near that cave – Odysseus Cave can be found on the southern coast of the island. Egg shaped, with the floor of its interior covered in water, the cave is accessible by small boats or swimmers. This mystical cave can be found along the southern coast of Island Mjlet, not far from the quaint village of Babino Polje.

Saplunara Beach

Situated along the coast of Island Mljet, the idyllic Saplunara Beach emanates an air of relaxed luxury. Dotted with umbrellas of palm leaves and constantly illuminated by the beautiful Croatian sun, which lasts until late in the evening, this beach is perfect for yacht charter guests looking to float in the sparkling Adriatic Sea, get a tan, or simply feel the soft, fine sand between their toes.