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Makarska yacht charters let you explore beautiful beaches, seafront promenade, and vibrant nightlife

Known for its vast, beautiful beaches, mountainous terrain, and perfect island breezes, the island of Makarska is steeped in natural beauty, making it the yacht charter perfect destination.

Sitting just below the mountain of Biokovo, nestled in the harbor between the mouth of the Cetina and Neretva rivers, the island boasts a near-perfect climate: one that provides for rich vegetation, idyllic summers, and moderate winters.

Welcoming yacht charter guests of all ages, Makarska’s relaxed and whimsical setting is challenged only by its vibrant culture; the main Kačić is a hotspot for the young and adventurous looking for a fun night out on the town.

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Makarska Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Makarska yacht charters

Franciscan Monastery

Built in 1614 by Bosnian monks, the Franciscan Monastery is one of Makarska’s most popular sights. Home to a 5,000-book library, gallery, a unique mollusk museum – which houses the world’s largest collection of snails, shells and mussels – and the Institute of Mountains and Sea, this monastery tells the story of Makarska’s interesting history.

Church of St. Mark

Located on Makarska’s main square, this time-honored church, which was built in 1776, possesses a historic whimsy unique to its surrounding city. As yacht charter guests approach the city by sea, the locale’s striking terra cotta belfry, which is visible from a distance, marks the city center. Today, the Church of St. Mark houses sacred religious artworks and liturgical items collected by the Makarska bishops over time. Stemming from Italian and Austrian craftsmen, these artifacts exemplify the same Baroque style that is apparent throughout its surrounding town; a symbol of both the history and development of the Catholic church, as well as Makarska’s place in Croatian trade and culture.

Nugal Beach

In a city regarded for its beautiful beaches, it takes a special kind of natural beauty to make one beach rank much higher than the rest. Located just east of Makarska, in the Makarska Riviera, Nugal Beach is known for its soft, yellow sand, idyllic waterfalls, jagged cliffs, and surrounding, aquamarine waters. Accessible only by foot, its pebbled bay is the area’s own buried treasure; and a must-see for yacht charter guests visiting mystical Croatia.

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