Krka Waterfalls

Include Krka National Park with its amazing waterfalls to your charter itinerary in Croatia

Krka Waterfalls in CroatiaAs if Krka National Park wasn’t beautiful enough, its idyllic waterfalls deserve a spotlight all to themselves. Surrounded by vast, verdant pastures of government-sanctioned terrain, Krka River seamlessly winds its way through the plentiful canyons of Krka National Park – creating seven majestic waterfalls in its path to the sapphire blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Boasting more than 200 species of birds, this national park – and by default, its waterfalls – attract bird watchers from across Europe and beyond; the popularity of which is further proven by the fact that a state-of-the-art hawk training center was implemented nearby. From its beautiful natural habitat to its abundant sea life and historic remnants, like an old water mill that was turned into an ethno museum, the waterfalls at Krka National Park have a little something for everyone.

The estuary of the Krka River (or the mouth of the river where it meets the sea) is exceptional in that it lacks pollutants and is literally alive with plant and animal species, particularly shellfish, freshwater fish, and saltwater fish.

Things to Do and See at Krka Waterfalls

Next time you’re in Croatia, be sure to sail through these natural wonders to see some of the Adriatic Sea’s most precious hidden gems:

Skradinski Buk

The seventh longest travertine barrier on Krka River, but definitely one of the most beautiful, Skradinski Buk is a translucent, natural pool regarded for its tall, surrounding waterfalls and immaculate cascades. Boasting 17 waterfalls in total, Skradinski buk is the result of the meeting point between Krka River and the 3-kilometer lower current of the Čikola River at Roš ki slap; the combination of which created one of the most unique, beautiful landscapes of Krka National Park.

Roški Slap

Also located in Krka National Park is Roški Slap, a stretch of land 650 meters in length that contain a series of 23-meter-high cascades – casually referred to as the “necklace” by locals. In the middle of this area, curious yacht charter guests will find barriers measuring 450 meters in width, as well as plentiful islands and backwaters.

Visovac Island

Sitting atop a calm lake – in the lower flow of Krka River, just between Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap – the picturesque Visovac Island is owned by the Catholic church. Originally the work of priests who brought the land to the shallow water and separated it from the water with a wall, Visovac Island is now home to two idyllic religious buildings: the Roman Catholic Visovac Monastery and the Serb Orthodox Monastery Krka.