Island Krk

Krk, Croatia's largest island, is a great charter destination with beautiful beaches and gourmet experience

Baska beach on island KrkAs the largest of Croatia’s 1,185 islands, Krk is also one of the busiest – boasting throngs of visitors from across the globe, namely Germany and Austria, visiting its verdant grounds to stay in its plentiful holiday houses, campsites and hotels.

With a varied landscape, one that includes everything from lush forests to jagged, rocky cliffs, Krk is dotted with a handful of small, historic settlements.

Called the “Golden Island” because of its mild Mediterranean climate, geographic location in the heart of Kvarner Bay and collection of natural gems, Krk Island is as enchanting as it is unique.

Accessible to the mainland by a land bridge, Krk bears an interesting history of how it came to be. Believed since ancient times to be connected to the number “7” – it was inhabited by Croats in the 7th century, it survived seven pirate attacks; and the last Duke of Krk was 7th in the line of the Frankopan dukes – today, the island has seven major centers. The main center of the island is Krk Town; once a Roman municipality, today it serves as the administrative, religious and economic center of the island and one of the world’s most significant cultural havens.

To make the most of your next yacht charter in Croatia, stop by Krk Island and explore the towns listed below for a taste of Croatian history like you’ve never seen before.

Things to Do and See on Krk Island


Forming a semicircle along Baska Beach, a 2-kilometer stretch of pebbled ground and sparkling, translucent waters, is the town of Baska. Regarded as ‘the town at the end of the world” – because of its place at the end of Krk’s long, main island road. Baska is recognized for its beautiful beaches, historic, but whimsical mainlands, and immaculate views.


Home to only 1,800 inhabitants, the small town of Punat can be found on the southern coast of the island of Krk. Filled with quaint, charming streets, seaside houses, local taverns and arched doorways everywhere you turn, Punat is a town steeped in Croatian tradition. Home to the biggest and oldest marina in the entire Adriatic Sea, one large enough to accommodate 1,200 ships at one time, Punat is the ideal destination for yachters to come anchor and explore.

Krk Town

Located on the island’s northern coast, Krk Town is the center of life in Krk. Built around an ancient walled city center, today, the town has expanded to include surrounding hills and bays, a port, beaches, camping grounds and hotels. A testament to its interesting history, Krk Town still houses the remains of Roman settlements, ancient walls, historic gates, a grand Romanesque cathedral and a 12th-century Frankopan castle; remnants of the past that are a part of daily living in Krk Town, today.