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An archipelago of 130 uninhabited islands and islets, the Kornati Islands are one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets. Named after the largest of the string of islands, Kornat, the idyllic Kornati Islands are perfect for avid yachters looking for a tranquil, but beautiful, place to explore.

With its steep, rocky cliffs bordering the islands’ edges, verdant, rolling hills, thin layers of grass, and plentiful Mediterranean shrubbery, this locale is largely untouched – in fact, its only cultivated area consists of none other than the regions core vegetation: olive trees, fig-trees, and vineyards.

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Kornati Islands yacht charters

Kornati National Park

Stretching across the central part of the Adriatic Sea, Kornati National Park is the primary site of the Kornati Islands. Declared a national park in 1980, this locale – which is made up of 89 islands, islets, and reefs, and makes up an area of about 220 squared kilometers – is characterized by its immense natural beauty, diverse coastlines, and preserved marine ecosystem. Kornati National Park is surrounded by translucent waters, countless sea life, and an endless array of colorful corals just beneath the surface.

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Characterized by a colorful world under the sea, one that includes a maze of secluded coves, vibrant corals, and secret caves, the Kornati Islands are the ideal spot for adventurous yacht charter guests. While, today, the region has no residents, it was once inhabited by its current owners, who visit the Kornati ever so often to tend to its grapes and olive trees.

While its unspoiled nature leaves little in terms of monuments and sightseeing, stop by the Kornati Islands – namely, Kornati National Park – during your next Croatia yacht charter adventure to explore its natural habitat.