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Korcula yacht charters offer history, amazing nightlife, and fine dining

Korcula yacht charters will show you the town of Korcula that looks just as it did in the Middle Ages. As timeless as it is enchanting, the island of Korcula is equal parts traditional and modern. Covered in vineyards, olive groves, and dense woods, Korcula has become known for its whimsical landscapes; the same that are famous for their ability to produce some of Croatia’s tastiest white wines.

Surrounded by serene coves and cozy beaches, Korcula’s villages move to the beat of the island. While its elegant houses and quaint pathways cater to curious tourists seeking a discreet, but luxurious escape, Korcula – which is believed by Croatians to be the birthplace of Marco Polo – stays true to its antiquity. Korcula yacht charter guests will find that the community of inhabitants who live there still host age-old events like ancient religious ceremonies and the popular Moreška Sword Dance.

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Korcula Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Korcula yacht charters

Marco Polo Tower

According to the Croatians, the famed explorer, Marco Polo, was born in the town of Korcula in 1254. Honoring that notion today, Marco Polo Tower, believed to be the tower attached to his childhood home, stands tall over Korcula. Having been preserved for centuries, the house welcomes residents of Korcula and yacht charter guests alike to enjoy vast views of the beautiful Adriatic Sea from the tower’s very own observatory.

St. Mark’s Cathedral

Built predominantly by locals between the 14th and 16th centuries, St. Mark’s Cathedral is considered the most attractive Gothic and Renaissance building in the old town of Korčula. With additions by famous local and Italian artists of the time, including Marko Andrijić, Bonino da Milano, Jacopo Tintoretto, Ivan Meštrović and more, this sacred religious institution is regarded for both its place in the religious history of Korcula and its artistic design.

St. Anthony’s Hill

Just outside the center of Korcula, St. Anthony’s Hill is regarded for both its religious and natural significance. With 102 steps leading to a small church on its summit – all lined with towering cypress trees – from its top, this hill boasts immaculate views of the islands surrounding Korcula below. It is because of these views, as well as its sacred significance, that St. Anthony’s Hill has become a protected natural area today.

Moreska Sword Dance

If you’re in Korcula in July, you can’t miss the island’s most celebrated annual event: the Moreska Sword Dance. Performed by the males of the island – who dress like soldiers for the occasion, each holding two swords – engage in a mock “battle” over a beautiful woman who has been captured. Dating back to the 16th or 17th century, this dance always ends with the woman being freed from the reigns of her abductor, the Moro King, and returning to her lover, the Osman King.

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