Croatia Yacht Charter Itinerary

A yacht charter itinerary that will let you explore picturesque islands and medieval coastal towns

Perfectly poised between central Europe and the Balkans, Croatia is an idyllic yachting locale with a dense history of cultural influences. The object of desire for many civilizations centuries ago, Croatia’s towns are adorned with everything from Napoleonic forts and Roman columns, to Slavic churches and Venetian town squares.

Dubrovnik to Split Itinerary

Dubrovnik Croatia
Start your week in Dubrovnik and end it in Split with an itinerary that takes you through some of Croatia’s most beautiful and fascinating islands and coastal towns. If you wish to have a slower pace on your charter but still see all the best Croatian Coast has to offer, this is the itinerary for you. Click for Dubrovnik to Split itinerary

Kotor to Split Itinerary

Kotor Montenegro
Get the best of Croatia’s enchanting cities, interesting history and idyllic landscapes with this 7-day itinerary from Kotor (Montenegro) to Split. This itinerary is more intense and faster paced but it let’s you explore a larger area of the Croatian Coast. Click for Kotor to Split itinerary

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