Island Hvar

Dubbed “the queen of the Dalmatian islands,” Island Hvar is equal parts beautiful and historic. Regarded through antiquity for its critical role in Croatia’s nautical history, this idyllic island, today, is celebrated for its near-perfect weather, diverse Mediterranean terrain, artistic buildings, vibrant landscapes, and of course, the translucent, sparkling waters of the surrounding Adriatic Sea.

Floating seemingly distant from mainland Croatia, Island Hvar boasts a natural exclusivity, making it the perfect yacht charter destination.

In place of industrial buildings and mass transportation, Island Hvar is covered in endless olive groves, lavender fields and vineyards. That said, visitors in search of city life shouldn’t be deterred; the island’s main Hvar Town is cosmopolitan in nature, offering the best of local shopping, cuisine, culture and bar-hopping.

During your next luxury Croatia yacht charter through the Adriatic Sea, anchor your yacht by Island Hvar to experience all its beauty and extravagance firsthand.

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