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Hvar yacht charters take you to the sunniest of all the Croatian islands

Dubbed “the queen of the Dalmatian islands,” Island Hvar is equal parts beautiful and historic. Regarded through antiquity for its critical role in Croatia’s nautical history, this idyllic island, today is celebrated for its near-perfect weather, diverse Mediterranean terrain, artistic buildings, vibrant landscapes, and of course, the translucent, sparkling waters of the surrounding Adriatic Sea.

Floating seemingly distant from mainland Croatia, Island Hvar boasts a natural exclusivity, making it the perfect destination for yacht charters.

In place of industrial buildings and mass transportation, Island Hvar is covered in endless olive groves, lavender fields, and vineyards. That said, yacht charter guests in search of city life shouldn’t be deterred; the island’s main Hvar Town is cosmopolitan in nature, offering the best of local shopping, cuisine, culture, and bar-hopping.

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Hvar Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Hvar yacht charters

Hvar Town

As part of the island bustling with life all year round, the small bay town of Hvar Town attracts a surprising 20,000 people a day in the height of tourist season. Its Gothic architecture, majestic palaces, and marble-clad streets create a beautiful destination for curious yacht charter guests to explore. When the sun sets, Hvar Town is only beginning. Hit the town to try its delicious restaurants, local cocktails, trendy bars, and interesting nightclubs.

Stari Grad

Stemming from 384 BC, Stari Grad is the oldest town in all of Croatia. The part of the island where the vast, green olive groves and infamous “field of Pharos” meet the translucent waters of the tranquil Adriatic Sea, Stari Grad’s bay remains a popular spot for yachters and boaters from all corners of the world. Steeped in history and natural beauty, Stari Grad’s quaint pathways and main squares reflect the island’s reputation as a symbol of antiquity.


Highly regarded for its beautiful beaches, the small bay town of Jelsa is also known for its delicious red wines, locally caught seafood, and cultural institutions, including the Church of St. Mary’s Assumption, the enchanting Perivoj gardens, and the Baroque Square of St. John, to name a few. Bordered by St. Nicolas and Hum, Island Hvar’s two tallest mountain peaks, Jelsa’s unique landscape provides the perfect backdrop for idyllic views and perfect sunsets. Tourists and locals alike frequently crowd its picturesque beaches, like Mina Beach, Grebišće, and the Bay of St. Luke.

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