Scuba Diving in Croatia

Home to more than 1,000 islands, Croatia’s beautiful coastlines, clear waters and colorful reefs make it an idyllic place to scuba dive. Go when the weather is best, in the summer, and you’ll find subterranean caves, tunnels, canyons, crevices, pillars and arches carved by centuries of erosion.

In some areas, divers will be stopped short by underwater walls stretching 300 feet deep, while vibrant sea life like shrimp, crabs, tunicates and grouper turn the deepest corners of the Adriatic Sea into an underwater paradise.

Here are our top four places for scuba diving during your next yacht charter in Croatia:


With a name that means “dry island,” Sušak is surprisingly a great place to dive. Aside from a lighthouse and herds of sheep adding life to its otherwise deserted shores, below sea level, the island boasts deep underwater cliffs, Mediterranean gorgonians in shades of yellow and orange, and colorful fish.


In addition to vibrant reefs as far as 100 feet below sea level, Biševo’s surrounding waters are filled with yellow anemones, shimmering eels, bright red lobster, and of course, it’s renowned diving spot, Blue Cave. The cave is accessible only by small boat, and once inside, reflections of the Adriatic Sea make its walls appear blue. It is most bright, and most beautiful, when the sun reaches its zenith around noon.


As the largest island in the archipelago, and the one furthest from Croatia, Vis is famous for its underground caves – each of which have holes that let rays of sunlight shine brightly through. Dive into the sea, and divers will find wrecks stemming from World War I and World War II naval battles, as well as a perfectly-preserved American B-17 bomber that lies about 216 feet below.


Known for its mysterious allure, all stemming from a Croatian legend that deemed the island of Svetac as the home of the pirate queen, Teuta – who was rumored to have thrown plentiful lovers off the edge of one of the island’s cliffs. Whether that’s true or not, the island’s rare black coral that isn’t found anywhere else in the world, as well as underwater caves like Corno Ploca and Puhera, make it a great place to dive.