Discover the Wines of Croatia

A guide to Croatia’s coastal wine country

Croatian wineA visit to Croatia’s wine country is a must for yacht charter guests. The country has more than 300 geographically defined wine districts throughout the mainland and islands, with wineries producing traditional favorites, award winners, and experimental varieties. Here are some of the areas you should explore during your Croatia yacht charter.

Hvar Island – the vineyards on this Dalmatian island have been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans first started growing them in 300 BC and making wine from its yields. The strong winds and sunlight create ideal conditions for producing fine wines. The island’s wineries not only cultivate the grapes indigenous to the area, but also experiment with new varietals. Prošek, the original Dalmatian wine, is made from Hvar’s highest quality dried grapes. You’ll also want to sample the reds, whites and roses, especially those made from Plavac Mali, the region’s most indigenous grape.

Pelješac – the second largest peninsula in Croatia is famous for its wine production and family-run wineries. The wines from this region are considered to be among Croatia’s finest. Its best known wine is Postup, produced from the Plavac Mali grape. Dark ruby red in color, full bodied, and balanced with a hint of bitterness, it’s best served slightly chilled. Another celebrated wine of the region is Dingac, available in white or red.

Island of Šolta – just 10 miles from Split is this unspoilt island, best known for its fine heritage wines. Savor the Dobričić rose and Dobričić red, the popular Plavac Mali, and Crljenak which is also known as “Original Zin” that is the varietal parent of California Zinfandels.

Korčula Island – the ancient vineyards have been renowned for over 2500 years, when the Greeks and Romans first christened the island as “Black Korkyra.” The winemaking tradition has been passed down for millennia, producing wines with exquisite character, complexity, aromas and fine acidity. Best known for their white wines made from native grape varieties, they also produce the popular Plavac Mali red.

Konavle Valley – located at the southernmost tip of Croatia, near the border of Montenegro, this area is best known for traditional, family-run wineries. Nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the foothills of Sniježnica Mountain, this area has the perfect conditions for grape cultivation and winemaking. Local experts are well-versed in wine making techniques that have been passed down for generations. You’ll want to sample both their red and white wines, as well as their sweet dessert wines. Located in the Konavle Valley is Gruda, known for its award-winning southern Dalmatian wine.

A luxury yacht charter in Croatia isn’t complete without a visit to wine country. When planning your itinerary, be sure to include a visit to at least one of the country’s vineyards or regions.