Central Dalmatia

Explore the beautiful islands of Hvar, Brac and Vis on your Central Dalmatia yacht charter

With its vibrant, colorful landscapes – like its verdant, rolling mountains and sapphire blue waters of the surrounding Adriatic Sea – Central Dalmatia is a place unlike any other. Filled with plentiful sights and bustling with friendly inhabitants, Central Dalmatia’s quiet islands possess a relaxed luxury; one personified by the island’s simple ports, majestic castles, historical symbolism, delicious local fare and inherent Mediterranean beauty.

Home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Diocletian’s Palace, in Split, and the small town of Trogir – Croatia plays an important part in early European history. A natural yacht charter Paradise, the islands of Central Dalmatia are popular for their seductive sand beaches, secluded and pebbled coves, warm weather all year round, and dramatic coastlines; making it a perfect retreat for any yachter in need of a seaside escape.

SplitSplit: As the second largest city in Croatia, Split is the meeting point of history and modernity. At its center, Old Split is fascinating; built around the Roman palace of Emperor Diocletian, stemming from about 300AD. As a unique example of Roman architecture, much of this palace still stands today. Also impressive, Split has one of the largest and most colorful food markets.

MakarskaMakarska: A beautiful coastal town, Makarska is steeped in a natural beauty unlike any other. Sitting just below the mountain of Biokovo, and tucked in the harbor between the mouth of the Cetina and Neretva rivers, Makarska boasts idyllic beaches, mountainous terrain and perfect island views. Makarska is home to a string of luxurious hotels, delicious fare and local taverns.

TrogirTrogir: Trogir is one of the most well-preserved historical cities in all of Central Europe. With a medieval nucleus at its core, still surrounded by a stone wall today, Trogir is home to an authentic castle and tower, coupled with other buildings and palaces, that perfectly reflect the Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods of the city’s origin.

BracIsland Brac: As the largest island in Central Dalmatia, Island Brac is recognized across the globe for its prominent tourism. With its sparkling limestone coast and towering Vidova Gora, the highest mountain peak in all of Croatia, Island Brac boasts a diverse natural landscape, one that invites travelers to come explore its plentiful coves, valleys, gullies and more.

HvarIsland Hvar: With its perfectly sunny weather and beautiful lavender, Island Hvar is one of Croatia’s most prized hidden treasures. The main town, also called Hvar, once gained the nickname of being the “St Tropez of the Eastern Mediterranean.” This historic, picturesque town forbids cars in its main plaza, while surrounding coffee shops and restaurants provide excellent harbor views.

VisIsland Vis: Founded in 397 BC by Dionysus, ruler of Sicily, Island Vis is mysterious in nature. Home to the oldest established town in Dalmatia, Vis Town, this area is known for producing some of the most popular and exclusive Croatian wines. Also visit the nearby small island of Bisevo, where they can deep dive into its magical Blue Grotto.