Island Brac

As the largest of the Central Dalmatia islands, Island Brac floats seemingly aimlessly away from mainland Croatia and some of its neighboring islands; separated from the mainland, Solta and Island Hvar by the Brac Channel, Splitska Vrata and the Hvar Channel, respectively.

With its sparkling limestone coast and towering Vidova Gora, the highest mountain peak in all of Croatia, Island Brac boasts a diverse natural landscape, one covered with coves, valleys, gullies and more.

Dating back to prehistoric times, Island Brac offers curious yacht charter guests a chance to experience Croatia’s most authentic cuisine, aquamarine waters, friendly locals and cultural traditions. A place unlike any other, Island Brac invites yacht charter guests to the island to explore its hidden beaches and idyllic views; just two of the many enchanting elements of Croatia’s Island Brac.

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