Croatia Yacht Charters

An adventure off the coast from Istria to Dalmatia is a magical experience unlike anything else

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  • Visit one of the most popular destinations for motor yacht charters and sailing: Croatia! Yacht charter services from Worldwide Boat allow you to roam its sparkling blue waters, rugged mountains, verdant landscapes, pebbled beaches, and vibrant villages. Sail through the Adriatic Sea during your next Croatia boat charter to escape to paradise and experience its culture and natural wonders firsthand.

    The islands of Croatia offer an idyllic escape that fuses ancient history with a taste of modern tourism. Choose from a variety of yacht options, including motor yachts, sailing yachts, and gullets. Regardless of the reason for renting one of our private Croatia charter boats, whether it’s for a honeymoon, family vacation, business gathering, or a week away with friends, we can ensure that your vacation dreams come true.

    Why Charter a Yacht in Croatia?

    Delicious Local Cuisine
    Influenced by various cultures, traditional Croatian cuisine is a product of both the country’s history and location. Despite regional differences, however, the gastronomy across all of Croatia has some basic elements in common: everything is hand-picked, grilled to perfection, freshly baked, and utterly delicious.

    Undiscovered Charm
    Though popular for both its location and natural beauty, the country is still somewhat uninhabited compared to other destinations, making it the perfect place to roam with a luxury yacht charter. Croatia is one of the world’s hidden treasures, which gives it a special charm. Discover its mysteries when you explore its beautiful shores aboard a yacht charter in Croatia.

    Welcoming Inhabitants
    A peaceful escape steeped in historical wonder, Croatia is filled with people who appreciate it for all it’s worth. They love to share their beautiful country with the world, welcoming visitors to experience authenticity with a modern flair.

    Plentiful Historic Sites and Landmarks
    From ancient stone walls and town squares to pebbled beaches to the Blue and Green grottoes to expansive vineyards to Odysseus Cave, Croatia is dotted with significant landmarks everywhere you turn.

    More Than 1,000 Islands
    If you truly want to unveil Croatia, yacht charter ventures are the way to go; you can hop from island to island and discover new things on each one, since each is so diverse. If it’s natural beauty you seek, head to Vis Island. For an adventure steeped in tourism, try Dubrovnik or Split. Whatever you crave, Croatia has a place where you can find it in a way that is unique to the Adriatic Sea.

    Crystal Clear, Calm Waters
    The sparkling, sapphire-blue waters of the Adriatic Sea are just as inviting as the inhabitants who live on the islands within it. Wade in its calm waters, kayak to its remote islands, or dive to its most spectacular sites, such as the Blue Grotto, which is magical in and of itself. Or just enjoy floating on your charter boat: Croatia offers spectacularly beautiful waters and amazing sunsets!

    It’s time to explore to precious, secluded beaches and hidden cultural treasures tucked away in Croatia. Boat charter vacations can be set up to this unique locale today. Contact Worldwide Boat to book your rental and have the trip of a lifetime!

    When is the Best Time to Charter in Croatia

    Best time to visit Croatia on a yacht charter is from late May to mid September. Whether you go in the summer, spring or early fall, yachting in Croatia promises an adventure at sea you’ll never forget.

    Dry, Hot Summers

    With its hot, sunny days and mild water temperatures, the summer months of July and August are very popular for outdoor adventures and activities in Croatia. Average temperatures range from the mid-to-high 20s °C / 77-86°F, with the potential to get as high as the 30s °C / 80s or 90s°F. Because of its specific location in the Adriatic Sea, Island Hvar tends to get the most sun – a record 2,700 hours of sun each year – followed only by Split, Korcula and Dubrovnik. Given the time of year, however, this is also when the islands of Croatia are at their busiest; so if its serenity at sea you’re hoping for, summer may not be the best time of year for your Croatia yacht charter.

    Perfect Late Spring and Early Fall

    Bringing together the great summer weather with a tad less heat, May and September promise some of Croatia’s best weather. During that time of year, yacht charter guests are often found playing in the sun, exploring the islands by foot and even anchoring their yacht for some fun swimming in the sea. If sailing is your main concern, these months are where you’ll get a chance to experience the westerly “Maestral” wind: a refreshing summer wind that blows in from the sea, typically strongest during the early afternoon. Also, given the fact that school is still going on, May and September also promise less crowds than the height of summer.