St Kitts & Nevis Yacht Charters

A yacht charter is the best way to see and explore the twin islands of St Kitts and Nevis where you can get the authentic taste of the Caribbean and a reminder of the West Indies as they used to be.

First discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and later colonized in the early 1600s, St. Kitts was once a valuable addition to the sugar trade; resulting, today, in a prosperous island filled with luxurious resorts, a thriving nightlife, and a pulsing, South Caribbean beat.

Nevis, the quieter of the two islands, centers on its characteristic, towering volcano – with smaller beaches, quaint Charlestown, various nature walking trails, and the historic haunts of Alexander Hamilton and Horatio Nelson dotting its surrounding terrain.

From their jagged mountains down to their yacht-filled harbors, together, St. Kitts and Nevis paint a picture of Paradise – and they invite yacht charter guests to explore their deepest corners, engage their friendly inhabitants, and embrace their laid-back, island vibes.

St Kitts and Nevis Yacht Charter Highlights

  • Islands steeped in history
  • Great diving (wrecks and underground hot springs)
  • Lively beach bars
  • Great golfing on St Kitts
  • Beautiful mile-long beaches
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