St Barts Yacht Charters

Where to find luxury yacht charters in the Caribbean? Look no further than the tiny island of St Barts. As glamorous as it is beautiful, St. Bart’s (Saint-Barthelemy, St. Barth’s or St. Barth) boasts the best of European sophistication, natural beauty and inherent island charms.

While it was leased to Sweden in 1785, the island is predominantly French; and it has become a top yacht charter destination for international celebrities, A-listers and jetsetters alike.

Surrounded by perfect, white-sand beaches – and dotted with rolling green hills, secluded coves, glistening blue waters and tropical foliage – St. Bart’s boasts private villas and boutique hotels, in lieu of large-scale resorts. From the posh hotels of St. Jean, to the chic shop-lined streets and red rooftops of Gustavia, St. Bart’s sparkles at every turn. Its quaint coastal villages, vibrant with activity, open up into celestial coasts; ones perfect for snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, kayaking, yachting, surfing and any other water activity yacht charter guests are yearning to try.

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