Antigua Yacht Charters

Visit Antigua on your luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean

Antigua view of English HarbourLocated in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, Antigua is an ideal yacht charter destination for those seeking adventure and relaxation. Antigua embodies all of the Caribbean’s best qualities: beautiful views, idyllic beaches, yacht-filled harbors, celestial waters, and of course, those raved-about, low-key island vibes.

The meeting point of serenity and adventure, Antigua is just a short boat ride from Barbuda; and together, the two islands encompass more than 350 white- and -pink-sand beaches.

With its light breezes and mild climates, Antigua – dubbed as the sunniest spot in all of the Caribbean – is the perfect place to anchor your private charter yacht and bask in the sun all year long. Head further into the island’s interior, and curious yacht charter guests will find lush, overgrown rainforests, celebrity-clad streets, long underground caves, or if their lucky, maybe even a colorful music festival or the annual Antigua Carnival.

Things to See and Do in Antigua

Here are some of the top sites to experience during your next Caribbean yacht charter to the enchanting island of Antigua:

Betty’s Hope Sugar Mill
It’s because of this local landmark, the first major sugar plantation on the island, that Antigua became a prominent market for large-scale sugar production. First built in 1674 by Sit Christopher Codrington, from Barbados, today, only two stone sugar mills and a stillhouse remain. However, due to the significance of the this site in Antiguan history, it is currently being developed into an open air museum.

Nelson’s Dockyard
As the largest of Antigua’s National Parks, Nelson’s Dockyard still retains its original 18th- and 19th-century buildings – and exists today as an open dockyard for plentiful yachts and ships. Catering to modern travelers, this dockyard also houses 21st-century shops and hotels; a stark contrast to the historic forts and hiking trails that also take up the park.

St. John’s Cathedral
While it has gone through many repairs and restructuring over the years, St. John’ s Cathedral is still one of the most notable churches in Antigua. Originally built of wood in 1683, it was later rebuilt from stone during the centuries after – and with it, added Baroque-style towers, an iron gate, and carved figures of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, both of which were believed to be taken from one of Napoleon’s many ships.

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