Tobago Cays

Made up of five minor islands, the Tobago Cays – declared a wildlife reserve by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines government in 2006 – are just a short boat ride away from Palm Island. Housing one of the most unspoiled natural marine areas in the world, the Tobago Cays boast crystal-clear waters, abundant coral and a vibrant sea life.

If it’s the bird-watching you’re into, find one of the park rangers at Tobago Cays Marine Park; they know everything there is to know about the islands’ role as a home for native and migratory birds.

To experience a true taste of the archipelago, head beneath sea level. Tobago Cays’ Horseshoe Reef is studded with lively sponges, iridescent waters and colorful schools of fish – making it the perfect place to anchor your yacht, dive in the Caribbean Sea and go snorkeling. However you choose to spend your time, make sure to take in the view; the Tobago Cays are an ultimate slice of Paradise like you’ve never seen before.

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