Mustique Yacht Charters

Visit Mustique on your luxury yacht charter in the Grenadines

Mustique, a small private island in the West Indies, just west of Barbados, is the perfect yachting destination in the Grenadines.

The island is known for its mild climate, rolling hills, towering palm trees, and soft, golden sand beaches. Mustique has over the years attracted a number of the rich and famous and is home to some of the most exclusive villas in the world.

To the fortunate yacht charter guests who get to go there, it has been said that life on Mustique is like having your own private tropical island. Approximately 1,400 acres in diameter, the island encompasses vibrant coral reefs, plenty of sunshine, and a variety of Caribbean fauna, like tortoises and heron.

Dotted with 100 luxury villas, as well as a handful of upscale hotels, Mustique has a year-round population of about 500 residents – all living in the quaint villages of Lovell, Britannia Bay, and Dover.

Mustique Yacht Charter Highlights

  • A popular destination for celebrities and jet setters
  • Playground for the rich and famous
  • Stunning sandy beaches
  • Basil’s – one of the Caribbean’s best waterfront bars
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Mustique Yachting: When to Go

Yachting in Mustique is a great year-round. The most popular time for yacht charters in St Vincent and the Grenadines is mid-December to the end of April – the “traditional” Caribbean season.

How to Get There

Mustique Airport services domestic flights to and from Barbados, Kingstown, Grenada, and Saint Lucia.

There are no ferry services to the island. A yacht charter is the best way to visit the island of Mustique.

Mustique Yacht Charters – Things to See & Do

Mustique island beach and palm tree

Here are some of the top sites that you can experience on Mustique yacht charters:

Macaroni Beach

Accessible only by boat, Macaroni Beach is regarded as the island’s most enchanting stretch of beach. With its golden sands, rustic palm huts, few inhabitants, and surrounding, translucent waters, Macaroni Beach is one of Mustique’s must-see haunts on your luxury yacht charter.

Gallicaux Bay

Located just beyond Lagoon Bay Beach, Gallicaux Bay is Mustique’s best place for snorkeling. With its golden beaches, clear waters, vibrant sea life, and idyllic horizon views, this haunt is also considered one of the most romantic places in all of the Caribbean.

Brittania Bay

Sitting just along the leeward coast is Britannia Bay, a natural anchorage in Mustique. Home to the wharf, jetty, boutique shopping, a small fishery, and several local and gourmet food stores, this part of Mustique houses the famous Basil’s Bar and Lovell Village, where most of the island locals live.

Basil’s Bar

Basil’s famous local bar/restaurant is always a fun stop while on your yacht charter in Mustique. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous that have residents on this private island (Jagger, the Queen, and the late Bowie to name a few). If you happen to be there on a Wednesday night, a local “Jump Up” and lobster Buffett is a good choice.