Visit Grenada on your luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean

Grenada fallsDubbed “Spice Island” for the fragrant nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and cocoa that thrive in its volcanic soil, beautiful Grenada offers guests a truly authentic Caribbean yacht charter experience.

Home to the two nearby islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, both quieter by nature, Grenada gives its guests an intriguing combination of interesting history, local culture and natural gems: including rainforests, lush mountains, colorful seaside villages, plantations, enchanting beaches and towering palms.

Grenada’s capital, St. George’s, is regarded as one of the Caribbean’s most magical cities, and has become a haven for yachters sailing in from across the globe. When you’re not wandering St. George’s quaint, beautiful streets, head to the seaside for snorkeling, diving, fishing or simply sunbathing. Want something a little dryer? Explore Grand Etang National Park for its hiking , or Levera National Park for its dramatic coastline views and beautiful landscapes. Filled with everything from local restaurants to historic sites, Grenada has something that every yacht charter guest can enjoy.

Things to See and Do in Grenada

Here are some of the top sites to experience during your next yacht charter to Grenada:

Grand Anse Beach
Dotted with plentiful sea grapes and coconut palms, Grand Anse is Grenada’s most famous and beautiful beach. Taking up three kilometers of golden sand and gentle surf, Grand Anse Beach is lined with idyllic boutique resorts and tasty restaurants; all surrounded by a mix of clear turquoise and deep cobalt waters, just perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Petit Martinique
Though the small island of Petit Martinique may be just one mile in diameter, it’s packed with enough charisma and charm for all of the islands surrounding it. Characterized by a steep, 740-foot volcano, less than 1,000 residents and generations of passionate fishermen, Petit Martinique is a haven for travelers seeking off-the-beaten path beauty, relaxation and peace.

Grand Etang National Park
Located just two and a half miles northeast of Constantine, Grand Etang National Park sits 1,900 feet above sea level. Its plentiful flora – a mix of towering mahogany and gommier trees, ferns and tropical flowers – serve as a home for its impressive range of birds, like broad-winged hawks, Lesser Antillean swifts , Antillean euphonias, purple-throated caribs, Antillean crested hummingbirds and Lesser Antillean tanagers. In addition to the wildlife flying above, Grand Etang National Park also has a popular cohort of land animals; including colorful frogs and lizards, opossums, armadillos, mongoose and Mona monkeys, to name a few.

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