8 Most Beautiful Beaches in St. Thomas

St. Thomas’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in all of the Caribbean. Known for their soft white sand and calm aquamarine waters, the beaches of St. Thomas offer it all: calm and relaxation, swimming and snorkeling, beach bars and incredible scenery.

Even better, all of the beaches in St. Thomas are public, and they’re located a short drive from the island’s tourist hub, Charlotte Amalie. Looking for the best beaches on St. Thomas? These are some of the most absolutely breathtaking all across St. Thomas, from Magens Bay, to Red Hook and the South Coast.

  1. Lindquist Beach

Located amidst the splendor of Smith Bay Park – a land and sea park on St. Thomas’s north coast – Lindquist Beach is one of the island’s most beautiful. The beach is known for its super soft white sand and secluded location between Sapphire Beach Resort and Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa.

At Lindquist, be sure to enjoy the sapphire blue waters. Protected by a rocky outcropping offshore, the waters are amazingly calm. It’s the perfect spot for swimming or stand-up paddleboarding, and you’ll also be able to savor the views of nearby islands like Hans Lollik Island and Thatch Cay, which are both parts of the USVI, and on clear days, Jost Van Dyke in the neighboring British Virgin Islands.

  • Why It’s So Beautiful: Seclusion, few crowds and protected white sands and sapphire blue waters
  • What to Do: Swimming or snorkeling, R&R or a massage at a beachfront spa
  • Getting There: Located on Smith Bay near Coral World Ocean Park. Twenty minutes from Charlotte Amalie. Admission costs $2.
  1. Coki Point Beach

You’ll find the stunning Coki Point Beach in St. Thomas’s northeast corner on Smith Bay. This stretch of white sand will blow you away with its crystal-clear waters and lush green hills, which form a backdrop for the beach.

This beach draws lots of visitors and is very lively. Beach bars dot the landscape, and there’s always music in the air and vendors selling their souvenirs. If you’re looking for a beautiful locale for afternoon cocktails, it’s Coki Point Beach.

  • Why It’s So Beautiful: Crystal-clear waters makes for easy snorkeling (with many colorful corals to explore)
  • What to Do: Marine adventure park Coral World is nearby, or enjoy a fruity frozen cocktail at one of the many beach bars
  • Getting There: Coki Point is located in the northeast, about 5 miles from Charlotte Amalie
  1. Sapphire Beach

Named for its sparkling blue waters, Sapphire Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on St. Thomas’s east end. The spot is a favorite of water enthusiasts, and it’s the perfect spot for windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling or swimming.

The beautiful white sands here are great for R&R too (although keep your eye out for the resident iguanas).

  • Why It’s So Beautiful: Sun-soaked white sand, as well as beautiful sea grape tree groves for shade, make this a great beach for an all-day hang-out
  • What to Do: Visit Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina for lunch or afternoon cocktails; savor the views of St. John, and snorkel the rocky ledge and reefs
  • Getting There: Located on the east end, bus and taxi service is available from Charlotte Amalie
  1. Secret Harbour Beach

With its coconut palm and calm blue waters, Secret Harbour is the epitome of a Caribbean beach. The beach is charming, hidden away underneath palm trees, and the water is always very calm thanks to its location on a protected bay. Another reason to go: Secret Harbour has an amazing restaurant and beach bar nearby. That makes this the perfect destination for whiling away an afternoon.

  • Why It’s So Beautiful: Hidden beneath the palm trees, this beach has postcard-worthy good looks
  • What to Do: Lounge away the afternoon in a hammock tied between two palms; this is a place for some quiet R&R
  • Getting There: Secret Harbour is located on St. Thomas’s south coast, about 30 minutes from Charlotte Amalie
  1. Little Magens Bay

Magens Bay is known for its legendary beaches, and in terms of sheer beauty, Little Magens Bay takes the cake. This clothing-optional beach, located on a sandy cove on the Peterborg Peninsula, is only accessible on foot or via charter, which is why it’s usually sparsely visited.

In addition to enjoying the scenery, you might also spot a famous face or two; Little Magens is famous for being a favorite of former President Bill Clinton.

  • Why It’s So Beautiful: Seclusion and perfect white sand; enjoy the quiet at this north coast beach
  • What to Do: Get some R&R or hike along the trails nearby; sunbathing. Although many choose to go clothing optional, be careful; public nudity is illegal in the USVI
  • Getting There: Due north of Charlotte Amalie; just a 10-minute drive
  1. Brewer’s Bay Beach

Brewer’s Bay is one of the most accessible beaches on St. Thomas – it’s just a short drive from the airport. That makes it a popular destination for travelers. This beach is also one of the best. With lush green rolling hills as the backdrop, the soft yellow sands of Brewer’s Bay offer a great place for snorkeling. The rocky outcrops are home to numerous species, including sea turtles, eagle rays and vibrant fish. It’s also a family friendly beach, thanks to its fairly shallow waters.

  • Why It’s So Beautiful – The lush mountainous hills and the corals off shore make this a beautiful destination
  • What to Do: Bring your snorkel gear; this beach offers lots to do in the water
  • Getting There: Located in the southwest, just a short drive from downtown Charlotte Amalie
  1. Vessup Bay Beach

Vessup Bay is tucked away on St. Thomas’s east end, near the charming fishing outpost Red Hook. And it offers splendid views of nearby St. John. Spend an afternoon lounging on the beach, watching the ferries roll in. This beach is also great thanks to its sapphire waters and bright white sands.

  • Why It’s So Beautiful – Classic Caribbean charm and palm-lined backdrop
  • What to Do: Be sure to visit Red Hook, the nearby fishing village offers plenty to do and explore
  • Getting There: About 25 minutes from Charlotte Amalie, a short distance from Red Hook
  1. Grand Beach

This beach, located on the north side of St. Thomas, sits on Smith Bay, and it’s a stone’s throw from Coral World. A popular hangout with northside residents, Grand Beach is well-known for its stunning sand and surf. The crescent-shaped beach has a sandy floor and backs up to a beautiful grove of palms. Stop here if you want to swim!

  • Why It’s So Beautiful – Incredible white-sand beach with a beautiful backdrop
  • What to Do: Go for the water sports: Snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing
  • Getting There: Located on Smith Bay, just north of Charlotte Amalie

Plan Your Dream Getaway to St. Thomas

St. Thomas and the USVI are some of the most popular yacht chartering destinations in the U.S. What will you do on your US Virgin Islands yacht charter? Chances are, you’ll stop at one or more of these beautiful beaches in St. Thomas.

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