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Escape to the beauty of the Caribbean Sea

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  • Home to more than 7,000 islands, cays, reefs, and islets and with thousands of miles of shoreline, the Caribbean is ultimate tropical destination. Yacht charters provide guests the perfect opportunity to island-hop and explore everything the Caribbean has to offer. Relax as you cruise the region’s sapphire-blue waters, and discover untouched white-sand beaches, vibrant culture, and delicious, fresh-daily seafood along the way.

    Where to Charter in the Caribbean

    The Caribbean is one of the world’s top yacht charter destinations, and it makes sense, too. Caribbean destinations are renowned for their beauty, incredible seafood cuisine, laid-back cultures, and world-class diving and snorkeling.

    Caribbean Regions

    The Caribbean is split up into five distinct regions, and each offers its own unique culture, cuisine, accommodations and attractions. Where will your charter take you?

    The Virgin Islands – The Virgin Islands sit in the northeastern Caribbean (just south of the Turks and Caicos) and offer the calmest seas in the Caribbean and pleasant sailing year around.

    Leeward Islands – The Leewards are situated in the middle of the Caribbean chain and include favorite charter destinations like St. Martin and Antigua.

    The Grenadines – Also called the Windward Islands, these islands are more isolated, offering yachters a quiet respite and uncrowded beaches around every corner. Windward Islands like St. Lucia, Mustique and Bequia, are popular among charterers.

    Popular Destinations

    Across the Caribbean, charterers are greeted by friendly locals, laid-back charm and some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. From the white-sand beaches and uninhabited cays of Tobago Cays, to the chic seaside resorts of St. Barts and St Martin, there are destinations to suit everyone’s tastes.

    St. Martin – A hub of the yacht charter industry, this French and Dutch island offers incredible shopping, cuisine, nightlife. Plus, its central location makes it the perfect jumping off point for parts unknown.

    St. Barts – St Barts offers the ultimate in Caribbean luxury, making the island famous among charterers and celebrities. Dine in St. Barts’ high-end eateries, browse designer trends in the island’s cosmopolitan shopping districts, and relax in one of St Barts’ world-class spas.

    Tobago Cays – This chain of cays in the Windwards offer a quiet, uber-relaxing haven for your charter vacation. Also, if you’re into diving or snorkeling, Tobago Cays offers some of the best dive spots in the entire Caribbean.

    St. Lucia – A favorite Windward Island, St. Lucia combines stunning landscapes (like the iconic Pitons) with quiet beaches and loads of southern Caribbean charm.

    Best Time to Go

    The Caribbean high season runs from December to May. That makes Christmas and New Year’s popular holidays for Caribbean vacations. Yet, charters are available year-round, and due to many island’s location near the equator, temperatures remain ideal throughout the year – making offseason charters just as enjoyable.

    Where will your Caribbean charter take you? Contact a broker with Worldwide Boat today to learn more about charter vacations in all parts of the Caribbean.

    Why Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean?

    The Caribbean offers charterers a bit of everything: Relaxation, sun-soaked beaches, delicious culinary treats, refreshing rum-infused cocktails, and calm waters for cruising. Here are some highlights:

    The Inescapable Beauty of White-Sand Beaches

    Caribbean beaches have almost a mythical quality to them. It’s no wonder explorers were once willing to board wooden ships and travel thousands of miles just to get to them. The good news: Every island offers a selection of untouched and charming beaches. From one-of-a-kind places like “pigs beach” in the Exumas, to the cosmopolitan Great Bay Beach in Philipsburg, St. Martin – the beaches across the Caribbean are legendary.

    Colorful Celebrations and Friendly Faces

    The Caribbean is known for its parades, bars, nightclubs, and parties (not to mention world-famous cocktails). When you want to retreat off of your luxury yacht charter, Caribbean shores and islands can offer a lot of fun. A few must-see events include: the St Barths Bucket (if you’re into superyacht racing), annual Carnival, and the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.

    Amazing Wildlife and Adventure

    If snorkeling in vibrant and colorful coral reefs, diving into underwater museums, or parasailing over clear waters are some of the items on your bucket list, you can certainly get it all done here. You’ll find a variety of unique adventures, from the Grenadines’ underwater sculpture park, to the natural seaside baths in Virgin Gorda, to hiking the Pitons in St. Lucia – the Caribbean gives you to plenty of chances to get out and enjoy yourself.

    Non-Stop Relaxation

    Because the area is so close to the equator, it’s the perfect place to lounge all year round. Feel pampered aboard one of our luxury yachts, while sinking your toes into the white sands, or while resting along the beach. Spas, rum cocktails, quiet and isolated beaches – charter guests can experience supreme relaxation in the Caribbean.

    A Caribbean Yacht Charter Personalized for You

    Are you ready to explore all that the Caribbean has to offer? Book a Caribbean yacht charter with Worldwide Boat. Our team of brokers is your yacht charter concierge – let us help you plan a vacation you’ll remember forever. We offer:

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    Itinerary Planning Expertise: Our brokers regularly visit the Caribbean to scout out new and undiscovered beaches, world-class restaurants, bumping nightclubs and snorkeling hotspots for our charter guests. Let us put our connections in the Caribbean and insider knowledge to work for you.

    Complete Charter Planning: In addition to itinerary planning, we’ll help you design the vacation of your dreams, including the arrangement of arrivals and departures, meal planning, managing payments, and reserving a yacht for you.

    A luxury, VIP Caribbean vacation is easier to organize than ever when you work with Worldwide Boat. Check out our vast network of yachts or simply contact us at 306-396-6996 to learn more.

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