Caribbean Yacht Charters

Escape to the beauty of the Caribbean Sea

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  • Home to more than 700 islands, cays, reefs, and islets with thousands of miles of shoreline, there’s one place in the world almost synonymous with the word “vacation”: the Caribbean! Yacht charters provide guests with the opportunity to island-hop as they sail across crystal-blue waters, going from one overwhelmingly beautiful beach to the next.

    If you want a vacation that will give you unprecedented access to one of the most beautiful and relaxed areas of the world, book a Caribbean yacht charter with Worldwide Boat and rent a gorgeous sailboat, motor yacht, catamaran, or mega-yacht.

    We can get you to the hottest nightclubs, the best beaches, and the most amazing spots in the whole of the Caribbean. Yacht charters can travel across the Virgin Islands, to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, or up and down the tiny Leeward Islands. Further north in the Caribbean, boat charters can also tour the secluded islands of the Bahamas. The whole area, from St. Thomas to Grenada is ready for you to explore. Allow us to help you find the perfect location for your trip as you sail away on gorgeous waters.

    Visit whatever islands and beautiful locations you wish while you’re aboard a crewed, private yacht charter. Caribbean yacht charter services from Worldwide Boat include itinerary creation, and our travel experts can provide the best advice on where to find secluded beaches and coves. With us, you can create the vacation of your dreams, choosing the vessel, location of your stops, and even the meals you and your guests would prefer, with us there to help and advise along the way. A luxury, VIP Caribbean vacation is easier to organize than ever when you work with Worldwide Boat. Check out our vast network of yachts or simply contact us at 306-396-6996 to learn more.

    Why Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean?

    The Inescapable Beauty of White-Sand Beaches

    These beaches have almost a mythical quality to them. It’s no wonder explorers were once willing to board wooden ships and travel thousands of miles just to get to them. Photographs just don’t do them justice; you’ll have to see them yourself to believe it.

    Colorful Celebrations and Friendly Faces

    The Caribbean is also known for its parades, bars, nightclubs, and parties (not to mention world-famous cocktails). When you want to retreat off of your luxury yacht charter, Caribbean shores and islands can offer a lot of fun.

    Amazing Wildlife and Adventure

    If snorkeling in vibrant and colorful coral reefs, diving into underwater museums, or parasailing over clear waters are some of the items on your bucket list, you can certainly get it all done here.

    Non-Stop Relaxation

    Because the area is so close to the equator, it’s the perfect place to lounge all year round. Feel pampered either while aboard one of our luxury yachts, while sinking your toes into the white sands, or while resting along the beach.

    Contact us if you’re hoping to book your vacation, and we can help you find the perfect vessel among our wide network of yacht rentals. Caribbean islands and their unforgettable beaches are ready to be explored today!

    Available Charter Locations in Caribbean