Virgin Gorda

Visit Virgin Gorda on your luxury yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands

The Baths Virgin GordaIf your idea of paradise isn’t complete unless there’s a new adventure around every turn, then a Virgin Gorda yacht charter is your perfect vacation choice.

The third largest island of the BVI chain, Virgin Gorda has enchanted visitors since Christopher Columbus first set his gaze on it in 1493. In fact, it was Columbus who christened it “Virgin Gorda” because it resembled a “Fat Virgin” lying on her side. Surrounded by serene waters and studded with immaculate beaches, exclusive yacht clubs, magnificent landscapes, historic ruins, and geographic formations beyond compare, Virgin Gorda offers the right mix of luxury and seclusion.

An eclectic blend of influences, including Spanish, African, Dutch, and British, have shaped Virgin Gorda’s food, arts, and culture. Rich history combined with their primary industries — fishing and tourism — are at the heart of this island’s identity.

Virgin Gorda is a must stop on your charter in the British Virgin Islands.

Things to do on Virgin Gorda

The Baths

Located at the southern end of the island, The Baths are a perfect spot to explore via yacht charter. This unique geologic phenomenon was formed by ancient volcanic activity, creating giant granite boulders that rest along a white sand beach. The secluded pools and grottos hold many treasures, including colorful corals and exotic marine life, making The Baths ideal for a day of swimming and snorkeling.

Devil’s Bay

This horseshoe-shaped, coral-sand beach can be reached by boat or via foot trail from The Baths. Devil’s Bay has fewer crowds than The Baths, but still offers exciting snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming in its azure waters. Its greatest highlight is a cave filled with glimmering water that reflects on cave walls dotted with cup corals and colorful sponges. Take a look below the surface at the dazzling marine life, including glassy sweepers.

Spanish Town

Once the capital of the BVI, Spanish Town — known as The Valley to locals — is found on the southwest corner of the island. A part of Yacht Harbour, you can easily access the town with your Virgin Gorda yacht charter. Dining and shopping await you, with restaurants featuring traditional cuisine, and authentic arts and crafts shops. A special time of year in Spanish Town is the Fisherman’s Jamboree, celebrating the island’s second largest industry. Watch the fishing competitions, enjoy the music, and then sample some of the freshly caught seafood.

Savannah Bay

Just north of Yacht Harbour is Savannah Bay, an exquisite sandy beach that has something for everyone. Families love this spot because of the clear view to the ocean floor and its very gradual underwater slope. Watersports enthusiasts enjoy sea kayaking and snorkeling. Spend the day swimming and lounging on the beach, and cap it off by watching the stunning sunset.

Copper Mine

A national park that contains the ruins of an abandoned 19th-century mine and factory, the Copper Mine is a tourist attraction and protected area. It’s said that copper was originally discovered on Virgin Gorda and it has played an important role in the island’s history. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to mine copper in the area, but it was Cornish miners from England who built what remains today. Restoration efforts are under way to stabilize the ruins for curious explorers, but adventurers flock to the site for hiking and bird-watching.

Gorda Peak

The highest point on Virgin Gorda is Gorda Peak, located in a vast, undeveloped national park on the northwestern ridge, not far from the North Sound anchorage. Hike to the summit of Gorda Peak and enjoy a panoramic view of the Virgin Islands archipelago. While making the trek to the top, enjoy the flora and fauna, including hummingbirds, endangered plant species, zebra butterflies, and the smallest lizard in the world, the Virgin Gorda gecko.

Bitter End Yacht Club

The legendary and luxurious Bitter End Yacht Club is worth a visit on your charter in Virgin Gorda.