The Baths in Virgin Gorda

Visit the famous Baths in Virgin Gorda on your luxury yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands

The Baths Virgin GordaA unique site on Virgin Gorda is The Baths, in a National Park located along the rocky shoreline at the southwestern tip of the island and it one of the most desired stops for yacht charters in the BVI.

Unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean, this exotic geological attraction consists of sheltered sea pools and grottos created by massive granite boulders that rest along the white sand beach. Hidden rooms are lit up with sunlight and snorkelers enjoy the many caves and coral ledges.

This natural marvel was created by ancient volcanic activity, when molten rock seeped up into the existing rock layers. Many flock to The Baths to see these majestic rock formations, but there is so much more encompassed by this National Park. The protected area also includes Devil’s Bay, which can be accessed from The Baths by a series of ladders scaling the boulders, and Spring Bay, which is reached by a separate road and includes a pristine white sand beach.

Devil’s Bay is a popular day anchorage that’s perfect for swimming and snorkeling. It has a coral sand beach set against sparking blue water. One of its main attractions is a beautiful cave submerged in 12 feet of water, where colorful sponges and corals decorate the walls. An offshore dinghy dock reduces crowding around the beach, and mooring buoys protect the reef from anchor damage. Facilities available to guests include bathrooms and lockers.

To the east of The Baths is Spring Bay, a popular snorkeling destination that is home to some of the most unique sea creatures. Fishing is prohibited in the area, so marine life is abundant. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll love exploring these waters. A manicured grassy area leading to the beach is perfect for a picnic lunch or to play some games.

After exploring the area, stop by The Baths’ own beach bar, Poor Man’s Bar, for a cocktail and a snack. Also located at The Baths is the Mad Dog open air bar, known for its delicious frozen piña coladas. If you want to take home a memory of your visit, nearby you’ll find Island Silhouette, which offers local artwork for sale.

If you’re hungry for more than just a snack, head to Top of the Baths restaurant, which offers a stunning open air veranda for dining. Not only will you enjoy the panoramic views, but also the elegant restaurant itself. A pool was built in the center of the dining area, so that you can relax and enjoy a frozen fruit drink in beautiful Virgin Gorda.