Peter Island

Visit Peter Island on your luxury yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands

Peter Island palm treesPeter Island in the BVI offers secluded beaches and dramatic views, all without the push of commercialism seen on many of the other islands. Located directly across Sir Francis Drake Channel from Road Town, Tortola, Peter Island is well known for its upscale resort (Peter Island Resort and Spa).

This exclusive and supercharged island sanctuary is a stunning and perfect private paradise. Formed by gigantic volcanic eruptions, the island has only recently become a luxurious vacation spot after once being overrun by explorers, pirates and other vagabonds.

Currently protected and preserved by a single family, only 300 of the island’s 1800 acres have been developed. It was a Norwegian sailor who transformed this isle and sought to save it as a vibrant and magnificent example of a tropical wonderland. Today, Peter is a tranquil, beautiful and breathtaking testament to the wonders of Mother Nature and the endless allure of the Caribbean.

Whether it’s a heavenly honeymoon you’re after, or a grand getaway, Peter Island has the most luminous waters and fluffy white sand beaches in the world. If you’re determined to sail, dive or lounge in serene seclusion, this is your ideal stop on your catamaran charter in the BVI.

Things to see on Peter Island

Peter Island Resort and Spa

Forget the crowds, cars and circus of hectic urban life, as it doesn’t exist on Peter Island. Enjoy this private paradise by enjoying the Island Resort. Yacht charter guests can take on fun beachtime activities like a tours through Coconut Grove Gardens, with its endless Atlantic views and its notoriety for lavish weddings. Or try a grilling and smoking class or educational horticulture tour. Better yet, play in the sea and go kayaking, windsurfing or paddle boarding. And there’s more…the resort spa truly encompasses the otherworldly oasis that defines Peter Island. Prepare to indulge in massages with thermal sand, sea stone and coconut body polish.

Deadman’s Bay

Named one of the world’s 10 Most Romantic Beaches, this crescent shaped bay is renowned for its lover’s strolls along coconut palms and seagrape trees. The Bay, located on the north shore of Peter Island, is a beloved yacht anchorage spot for its great snorkeling in seagrass beds on the ocean floor. Don’t miss a Green Sea Turtle sighting, which is common during the day when these shelled creatures go forage the Turtle Grass.

Dead Chest Island

This mysterious and ‘forbidden’ island is located just under half a mile from Deadman’s Bay. Reportedly named after the famous pirate Blackbeard left 15 men ashore on the island with a single bottle of rum, the unhabituated rock outcropping is a National Park and offers a few exquisite sites for observing marine life; these sites include Coral Gardens, a great site for checking out sheet coral in an underwater aquatic garden as well as Chest West, which includes caves, bowls and mazes.

If you enjoy tranquility and beautiful tropical nature, we recommend visiting Peter Island on your luxury yacht charter in the BVI.