Norman Island

Visit Norman Island on your luxury yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands

Norman island snorkelingAmong the southernmost stretch of the British Virgin Islands lies a sanctuary—620 acres of mostly uninhabited paradise, known as Norman Island. The pristine, natural landscape features rolling hills, lush greenery, and a series of unique bays, making the island the perfect destination for yacht charters in the BVI.

Because of its many caves, Norman Island has a history of being the resting place of hidden pirate booty, and was the setting of Robert Lewis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”.

Things to see on Norman Island

The Treasure Point Caves

On a spit of land between Privateer Bay and Bight bay is a series of caves. The calm waters running into these sandy-floored caves are perfect for snorkeling, and are home to an assortment of wildlife. Adventurous yacht charter guests can experience tropical fish swimming between their legs, while gulls and pelicans fly overhead perching on the looming ferns.

Willy T

The history of the current William Thorton, or Willy T,” starts in 1985, when owners Annie and Mick created their bar and restaurant on a docked 100 foot wooden schooner. After the original boat sunk in 1996, they found a new boat to run their business out of—this time made of steel—and brought the Willy T back from the dead. The vessel features a galley enjoying their cuisine, and a full bar with a daiquiri machine and their own private label of rum. Visitors can tie up on one of the docks alongside the ship, or drop anchor nearby in the bay. Those brave enough can embrace their wild side and jump off the upper deck of the boat into 50 feet of turquoise water below.

Pirates Bight Restaurant
For those yacht charter guests looking to bury their feet in sand while they dine, there is the Pirate Bight Restaurant, located on the beach of the Bight Bay. Their menu includes Caribbean seafood and fried American delights, as well as a bar full of frozen cocktails. The restaurant hosts live music and frequently holds karaoke nights. The Pirates Bight also serves as a private wedding venue for those looking to tie the knot in a romantic island locale.