Watersports on your BVI Charter

Charter yachts in the BVI offer a variety of watersport activities for all ages

water slideGuests who charter in the BVI will most certainly have their share of fun in the water. Watersports are available for all ages and your private yacht comes equipped with a variety of tenders and toys. So don your bathing suit or wet suit and jump into the clear ocean waters!

Scuba diving in the BVIDiving: The BVI offers great diving and a wide range of sea life from the coral reefs to the fish-filled waters. The BVI has interesting wrecks, like the RMS Rhone, which was voted the best wreck in the Caribbean. New divers will be happy with the sandy sea floor and shallow sites, while more experienced divers will get a thrill diving in the currents at Dry Rocks East or the Visibles.

Diving in the BVISnorkeling: The Virgin Islands offer great conditions for snorkeling. The water temperatures hover between 79 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. The protected seas have little current so that snorkelers can enjoy the amazing underwater scenery. The beautiful underwater coral gardens are packed with marine life, including turtles, rays, octopuses, moray eels and an abundance of fish.

waterskiing in the BVIWaterskiing: If it’s been awhile since you’ve gone waterskiing, you might be surprised at how difficult it is to stand up on those skis, but once you get the hang of it again, you’ll want to push yourself to the challenge of a single ski. Your yacht charter’s tender is sure to offer you the speed you need to get out to clear water and up on those skis!

kayaking in the BVIKayaking: Most of our yachts offer single or double-seater kayaks to allow charter guests the ability to explore inlets and coves with a close look at the water below. Kayaking requires no skill, just your bathing suit and sunscreen. You’ll be able to see coral reefs, flora, and beautiful scenery of the Caribbean in a relaxing and fun way.

kneeboarding in the BVIWakeboarding and Kneeboarding: Those guests interested in something more extreme than waterskiing may wish to try wakeboarding or knee boarding. These watersports involve concentration and skill and more experienced charter guests may wish to learn flips and tricks.

fishing in the BVIFishing: The deep waters of the Atlantic currents draw a wide variety of larger fish, allowing enthusiasts to go deep sea sportfishing in the shallow reefs. In the deeper waters, you can fight to catch white marlin, wahoo, Allison tuna, and kingfish, while inshore fishing will get you snapper, bonefish, and tarpon. A fishing license is required to fish in the Virgin Islands.

paddle-boarding in the BVIStand Up Paddle Boarding: Imagine getting some exercise and a tan while “walking on water” amongst the most beautiful landscape in the world. You can do just that with stand-up paddle boarding on your BVI yacht charter. You can glide over the crystal clear Caribbean waters and have a panoramic view from your paddle board.

jetskiingJet skiing: While there is a ban on jet skis in the BVI, guests can explore St. Thomas in the USVI using these fast and fun modes of transportation. Speed along the waters from cay to cay where you can stop and enjoy a swim in a deserted cove. You can ride alone or with a friend. Feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your shoulders and you enjoy the adventure that only jet skis can bring.

surfingSurfing: Many of the surf spots in the Virgin Islands require the right conditions to create the ideal surf. In the winter months, the swell and wind direction are fairly consistent. It is during the months of November through February, but sometimes longer, that strong north swells are produced from winter storms along the eastern coast of the US mainland.

windsurfingWindsurfing: The Virgin Islands are full of locations that are ideal for windsurfing, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro. If your yacht is not equipped with the gear, you crew can assist you in locating it on land. With the crystal clear water, sunny skies, and cool Caribbean breezes, you’ll be able to explore the coastlines and enjoy the breath-taking scenery in a unique way.