Exploring The Baths in Virgin Gorda

The British Virgin Islands boast plenty of things to see and do. But you’ll find one of the most memorable sights and experiences on Virgin Gorda.

The island – located just off of Tortola – is home to The Baths, a natural wonder of granite boulders that create tiny grottos on the beach. Visitors flock to The Baths to soak in the pools and hike along the rocky shoreline.

Planning a yacht charter to Virgin Gorda? Here’s everything visitors need to know about exploring The Baths on Virgin Gorda.

What Are The Baths?

The Baths is the centerpiece of Devil’s Bay National Park, a protected British Virgin Island national marine and land park. The main draw of the park is The Baths, which are sheltered swimming pools on the beach created by gigantic granite boulders.

The Baths are a geological wonder. The area’s massive boulders – 10-foot tall and 40-feet in diameter – create hidden shallow wading pools on the beach. Thanks to the warm water, these hidden grottos are reminiscent of an inviting bath.

Most go to wade in the shallow pools and relax. But it’s also a cool snorkeling destination, as the boulders create crevices underneath the water.

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What to Expect on a Yacht Charter to The Baths

The Baths are only of the Caribbean’s most beautiful natural wonders. The rock formation is striking from the sea or above, and the destination offers a day’s worth of adventure.

Exploring The Baths is one of the BVI’s must-dos. Scramble through the boulders and find hidden pools. Spend the day whiling away in the bathtub-warm waters. And you don’t want to miss The Cathedral, the largest pool at The Baths, and one of its most picturesque.

Although the locale is amazing for an outdoor adventure, there isn’t much in the way of amenities. It can also be a somewhat demanding hike to and from. Here are all the details to visiting The Baths:

  • Cost: Admission to the park is just $3 for adults and $2 for children
  • How Long: Once you arrive at Devil’s Bay, The Baths is just a 15-minute hike. Plan to spend at least a half-day exploring.
  • Amenities: There are restrooms at the park, as well as a restaurant (Top of The Baths) and a small beach bar.
  • Kid Friendly?: Family friendly; but not much in terms of entertainment outside of hiking, swimming and snorkeling
  • When to Go: The Baths can get crowded during the high season; sunset excursions are recommended for the views.

BVI yacht charter - The Baths on Virgin Gorda

What to Do at The Baths in Virgin Gorda

During a visit to The Baths, the majority of your time will be spent reveling in the hidden pools. Wear water shoes and enjoy a day exploring, hiking, and relaxing in the waters.

Yet, once you’ve had your fill, there’s plenty of other attractions to see nearby. A few things to do include:

  • Top of The Baths – This isn’t your average restaurant/bar. Top of The Baths includes a swimming pool and shops, and it’s the best place to enjoy a cocktail after a day in the sun.
  • Devil’s Bay – Devil’s Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the BVI. Stop here for snorkeling, swimming or water sports.
  • Snorkeling – You’ll want your snorkel gear for The Baths, as they’re just as beautiful below the water as they are on top. Nearby in Stoney Bay you’ll also find great snorkeling.
  • Bouldering – If you’re a rock climber, you won’t find better bouldering terrain. It’s best along Stoney Bay.
  • Hiking – There are tons of amazing trails in Devil’s Bay National Park. One option: Hike to nearby Stoney Bay, a beautiful Atlantic Ocean-facing bay.
  • Fallen Jerusalem Island: At the small outlying island of Fallen Jerusalem, you’ll find another collection of volcanic boulders, similar to The Baths. The boulders, when viewed from afar, give the appearance of ancient ruins, hence the name.
  • North Sound – The nightlife is legendary in Virgin Gorda’s North Sound. Stop here for a night of music, cocktails and dancing. Some hotspots include Saba Rock Resort and the Bitter End Yacht Club.

Visiting Virgin Gorda and The Baths on a Luxury Yacht Charter

The best way to get to The Baths is by sea. And that’s why this is such a favorite destination on a BVI yacht charter. Typically, charter yachts can find moorings in Devil’s Bay, and a short tender ride to the beach puts visitors right in the mix.

In addition to visiting Devil’s Bay and The Baths, an itinerary for your luxury BVI yacht charter might include:

  • Tortola – The BVI’s most populated island is just a stone’s throw from Virgin Gorda, making it one of the most popular jumping-off points for a trip to The Baths.
  • Sir Francis Drake Channel – Along this legendary channel from Tortola, you’ll find several secluded islands including Peter, Cooper, and Salt islands. These are just a short cruise from Virgin Gorda. Salt Island is home to the RMS Rhone, a wreck dive that’s one of the best in the world.
  • Fallen Jerusalem / Round Rock – These small islands just south of The Baths are known for their geological formations. These are great stops for sightseeing or relaxing.

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