Surfing in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands offers some great surfing all year around

man surfingThe British Virgin Islands boast a variety of fun and activities, including scuba diving, snorkeling, shopping, nightlife, and more. But while in the BVI, don’t forget to grab your surf board and find that perfect wave.

Here are the four best surfing places in the BVI:

West End, Anegada

With waves that are typically chest to head high (or bigger), the west end of Anegada offers surfers a fun surfing experience in a remote and beautiful locale. Because of its distance from the other islands, Anegada makes an ideal spot for experienced divers seeking their own space. The surf bowls up at the long coral reef and the break is exposed to a strong current, strong winds, and large fish. It is recommended for more experienced surfer. Use either a long or short board.

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

With waves that are generally five to fifteen feet in height, Cane Garden Bay is one of the more popular surfing destinations in the BVI. You can expect a great social experience and even better surf. One of the best point breaks you can find, and when the conditions are right, surfers can ride a long right freight train for about 300 yards. Best for physically fit individuals who are advanced surfers. Use a long or short board, or if the waves are really big, you can use longer gun-shaped boards.

Josiah’s Bay, Tortola

With waves that range from waist high to head high, Josiah’s Bay offers ideal conditions for beginners to experienced surfers. It’s rarely crowded and is the only beach break in the BVI. It offers an ever-changing experience as the waves shift from lefts to rights and back again. Be careful of the riptide; it can be dangerous here. The location is ideal, because after a day of surfing, there are plenty of beach bars to relax and unwind. Use a long or short board.

Bomba’s, Apple Bay, Tortola

With the famous Bomba’s Shack, Apple Bay in Tortola is the place to visit for surfing in the BVI. The waves are waist to over your head and the break is right in front of Bomba’s. Reggae music is in the air and there are always locals and visitors hanging out on the beach. The reef break offers both left and right surfing opportunities, plus another right on the other side of the channel that isn’t as crowded. Use a long or short board.