BVI Christmas & New Years Yacht Charters

Why not have a tropical Christmas this year? Celebrate holidays on a yacht charter in the BVI

tropical ChristmasThe BVI is a wonderful holiday destination that is raised to a whole new level when experienced from the deck of a private yacht. Whether you’re island hopping among the sixty-some islands of the British Virgin Islands or traversing between the US and BVI, you’ll no doubt fall in love with the sunny skies, sparkling waters, and breath-taking scenery.

Christmas and New Years are two of the most popular charter weeks during the entire year. Specifically, the week of New Years is undoubtedly the favorite week of the year for yacht charters in the BVI.

Many visitors head to this piece of paradise at the end of the year in order to join in the fun on Jost Van Dyke Island, where things heat up on Old Year’s Night at Foxy’s. Yachts crowd into Great Harbour making easier to jump deck to deck, rather than swim to shore. Don’t expect to get in any hurry to leave after the New Year dawns, because the laid-back visitors simply take their time untangling their yachts and maybe sipping on cocktails to ease out of their hangovers. So sit back on the white sand beach and enjoy the clear blue skies and fabulous weather as you watch the goings-on in the Harbour.

Of course, other holidays prove popular among yacht charter guests and any time is a good time to lounge on a white sand beach, snorkel in the azure waters, hike through a national park, or visit with the welcoming and friendly people who happily share their multi-cultural heritage with guests. Whether you come to relax and unwind or experience an action-packed adventure, the BVI is the place to be.

When to book a holiday charter? Quite simply, it’s never too early to book a Christmas or New Years charter. Booking your charter at least one year in advance is often necessary to secure the yacht of your choice. Other holidays may not require as much advance-booking, but it’s always best to ask first to ensure you have plenty of time to plan.

What about holiday surcharges? Most yachts add a standard 10% surcharge for these popular holiday weeks. Some yachts charge a flat rate.

What is the minimum length of a holiday charter? Holiday charters, such as Christmas and New Years, must be a minimum of one week. Clients can charter for less than a week, but will have to pay for a full week’s rate.