BVI Diving Charters

The British Virgin Islands offer some of the most spectacular reef and wreck diving in the world

Northern Sun divingOne of the most popular activities on a BVI yacht charter is scuba diving. In the Virgin Islands, the underwater landscape is just as breathtaking as the scenery of the Islands themselves. So it makes sense to explore beneath that sparkling blue water on your vacation.

There is an amazing underwater world in the BVI just waiting to be explored! Crystal clear waters enable divers to see clearly to the very bottom for an enthralling encounter of the aquatic life. Fascinating drops, outcrops, reefs and wrecks are alive with mesmerizing marine life.

At Worldwide Boat, we can match you with a crew and yacht which will be ideal for your diving experience. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled diver we can coordinate your diving charter at no extra cost to you.

Scuba Diving Yacht Charter Options

There are 3 ways you can choose to mix SCUBA diving with a crewed BVI yacht charter.

Dive Dedicated Yachts

These yachts are completely equipped for diving and cater to experienced as well as novice divers who want to make diving the focal point of their charter vacation. These yachts have scuba equipment onboard and an experienced dive professional in the crew. Many of these dive yachts offer different kinds of scuba training, from Discover Scuba (Resort course) or Open Water checkouts (Referral course).

Dive Oriented Yachts

These are yachts who offer onboard diving but prefer a lighter diving schedule. Guests usually rent scuba equipment or bring their own.

Rendezvous Diving

If you are interested in occasional diving you do not need to charter a yacht specifically designed for diving, you can dive from any of the yachts in our fleet by rendezvous with a local dive company who will meet you at your yacht, take you for your dive and return you to your yacht. The fee is additional to your charter and payable to the dive company (they all accept credit cards). The cost depends on whether you prefer a private dive boat or a willing to share the dive with others.

Diving in the BVI

Diving Conditions

The U.S. and British Virgin Islands are home to the largest shallow reef system in the Caribbean and one of the most popular diving areas in the world. Water temperatures linger around 75-degrees to 80-degrees Fahrenheit. Visibility is astoundingly clear – sometimes as far as 100 feet.

Diving Variety

The dive sites in the Virgin Islands range from steep drops and walls to gentle slopes and unique caves. You’ll find intact wrecks, underwater trails, and brightly-colored reefs interspersed with a variety of tropical fish and sea life. For instance, the Chimney near Virgin Gorda has a fascinating coral arch with a canyon blanketed in coral, sponges, and a rare white type of coral. Some sites are in water that is less than thirty-feet deep, while others drop to depths of 100 feet and include features such as undercut shelves and narrow crevices. Your diving charter will bring you in contact with a variety of sea life, such as giant grouper, eagle and manta rays, tarpon, turtles, and sharks.


Seeking out man-made reefs and those growing on ancient shipwrecks is an exciting diving activity. Beginners may select the “three wrecks,” which are sheltered or explore the shallow end of RMS Rhone. More experienced divers will want to swim deeper to get a better view of the entire Rhone Wreck or they may wish to seek out the Chikuzen, which offers excellent visibility.