Cane Garden Bay in Tortola

Stop at Cane Garden Bay on your Tortola yacht charter in the Virgin Islands

Cane Garden Bay in TortolaCane Garden Bay on Tortola’s north shore is a favorite anchorage for yacht charter guests. The bay, which is near the activity of Road Town Tortola, offers fabulous views, a variety of water sports, and an array of restaurants and bars.

The beach itself is pristine and an ideal spot to sunbath. Visitors come to Cane Garden Bay to swim, jog, go horseback riding, or enjoy water sports like jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, or other sports. Since the bay is protected by reefs, the water is calm and the bay itself is spacious. The dinghy dock is integrated into a rock outcropping and offers convenient steps to the beach or up to the road.

Diving and snorkeling are popular activities at Cane Garden Bay. On the south side of the bay, guests enjoy watching the numerous pelicans diving for fish. Snorkelers can experience schools of sprats, small fish that are only a few inches long, which dart around you as you swim.

While on the beach or lounging on the deck of your private motor yacht or a catamaran, charter guests often hear the pleasant sound of island music drifting from Quito’s Gazebo. The owner, Quito Rymer, is a local star and his band, The Edge, play a mix of Caribbean, gospel, and British rock as well as some solo West Indian folk tunes. The restaurant is one of many that offers delicious food with great views of Cane Garden Bay. Other eateries include:

  • Big Banana (or Paradise Club): Unbeatable coconut and banana bread. Also try the butter-fried coconut shrimp and the Big Banana house drink made with rum, Bailey’s, coconut cream, and a banana.
  • Rhymer’s Beach Hotel: A popular gathering place run by Mrs. Patsy Rhymer, Rhymer’s Beach Bar and Restaurant has night buffets on Tuesday and Saturday. Order the conch fritters if you don’t get the buffet. On Thursdays they offer fresh lobster and have a live steel drum band.
  • Cline’s Bakery: Mrs. Cline bakes fresh loaves of a variety of breads and pies daily, including coconut bread and pie, pineapple pie, and when in season, guava pie.
  • Myett’s: Try the conch chowder in this popular hangout. The owner, “Sandman,” recommends ordering a Myett’s Delight, a frozen drink of dark rum mixed with guava, mango, papaya, and coconut juices.
  • Local favorites like Netty’s Diner and Stanley’s Welcome Bar are favorites with residents and offer delicious local dishes.