Anegada Yacht Charters

Breathtaking blue and shimmering turquoise waters envelop the white sandy beach of this ‘castaway’ island. Anegada, meaning, “drowned (or sunken) island” by the Spanish, is renowned for its secluded beaches, lobster festivals and coral reefs.

The island’s highest point reaches only 28 feet, essentially sea level, making it a great destination for yacht charters in the BVI. The island is protected by the famous 18-mile-long Horseshoe Reef, which is the largest coral reef in the Caribbean.

Once inhabited by Pirates, today Anegada has fewer than 200 inhabitants and boasts miles of empty beaches, marlin and tuna fishing as well as snorkeling.

Yacht charter guests can try a stint scuba diving around the various sunken ships (around 300!) that have met their fate at the bottom of the ocean near this remote island paradise. Take a gander at the San Ignacio, which sunk in the 1700s after this Spanish vessel was hit by English warships or, if you prefer, soak in the waters brimming with mahi-mahi, snapper, bonefish, barracuda and wahoo.

And if you’re just looking to leisurely enjoy the lush beauty of Anegada then spend the day watching the blue skies kiss the sapphire waves as you paddle board or snorkel in the warm salty waters. Or relax on any emptied nook of beach and soak up the sunlight streaming through gentle palm trees.

Enjoy the beauty and mystery of this coral island for a true trip to paradise and a real castaway experience while on your yacht charter in the BVI.

Things to See on Your Anegada Yacht Charter

Loblolly Beach

Pure pristine sand comprises this bay, which is located on the North side of Anegada. Play in the picture perfect water or snorkel in coral formations near the shore.

Horseshoe Reef

Beginning at the westernmost point of Anegada and continuing along the entire north coast, Horsheshoe is home to hundreds of shipwrecks and teeming with tropical fish. The bright blue waters also play host to turtle, conch and lobster.

Cow Wreck Beach

Enjoy the freshest conch fritters or most delectable lobster of your life on this friendly beach. Speckled with villas, a small beach bar and restaurant, this breathtaking area of Anegada is found on the northwestern end of the island and offers incredible ocean views.

Salt Ponds

Covering much of the west side of the island, these prolific ponds host a variety of bird species like the great blue heron, little blue heron, stilts and terns. And watch for the pink Roseate Flamingos, who have made their return to their island after being reintroduced by conservationists.

Bones Bright

Enjoy the new nature trail here while lounging on the soft sand of this relaxing beach oasis. Observe the famous and rare Rock Anegada Iguana, known for its habit of burrowing deep into the sand, these large lizards average five to six feet in length and feast on fruit, grass and leaves.