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  • Vivid turquoise, pure white and luminous green – those colors saturate your eyes as you float into the British Virgin Islands (BVI). So beautiful they don’t seem real, these 60 islands offer a relaxing tropical escape, unique culinary experiences, dramatic encounters with marine life and more. Once you enter these waters, your worries and stress will seep down your body and out your feet into the warm, salty water that’s lapping at your toes.

    What are you waiting for? Experience it for yourself on one of our BVI yacht charters. There’s so much to enjoy and immerse yourself in – BVI always beats the highest expectations of the worldliest travelers. 

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    Discover “Nature’s Little Secrets” with BVI Yacht Charters

    The BVI consist of sixty islands, which are some of the most elite in the world. With no direct flights available from the US, UK, Canada, South America or Europe, it gives these islands even more exclusivity and a wonderful untouched feel. That’s why the locals have nicknamed these islands “Nature’s Little Secrets.”

    BVI yacht charters give guests the perfect opportunity to explore these serene scenes, with each island boasting its own unique character and charm. Explore the history and culture of the four largest islands (Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke) before dropping your anchor at the magical smaller isles.

    Enjoy topical weather and trade winds all year round

    Even though the tourist season tends to run from December to May, this is largely down to the cooler temperatures in Europe and North America. With little variation in the temperature between winter (78°F/25.5°C) and summer (82°F/28°C), low rainfall and a subtropical climate, there’s no limit on when you can visit this area.

    Furthermore, the consistent easterly trade winds create perfect sailing conditions for BVI crewed yacht charters.

    Find pristine sandy beaches at every turn

    The beaches that surround the BVI are what travel magazines are made of. With a picturesque cove and beach around every corner, there’s ample opportunity to find a little bit of what you fancy, whether it’s seclusion or a more upbeat atmosphere. Here are a few of the best beaches to check out:

    • Cane Garden Bay – Located on the popular island of Tortola, this beach is lively and welcoming. During the day, it’s ideal for families with a host of restaurants and rental shops to entertain the kids, while at night the hopping bar scene attracts adults looking for tropical cocktails and reggae music.
    • Loblolly Bay – A luxurious beach on the island of Anegada, Loblolly Bay’s creamy sand is sprinkled with rustic beach bars, inviting sun shelters and quaint cottages. Seeming almost untouched and private, Anegada is known as “The Beach Lover’s Island.”
    • Sandy Cay – For those looking to feel like a castaway, head to this uninhabited, tiny island off the southeastern coast of Jost Van Dyke. Sandy Cay is a nature preserve that’s only accessible by boat, like a British Virgin Islands yacht charter. With nothing else to distract you but a gorgeous white-sand beach and palm grove, this islet is the perfect escape.

    You’ll never find huge resorts and tourists fighting over space, and every charter guest enjoys feeling as though they’re the first person to ever discover some of the more secluded beaches. A yacht charter allows you to find the beach of your dreams and then turn right around to find another, one that will likely go beyond your imagination with its beauty!

    BVI yacht charters let you dive into unbeatable waters

    With crystal clear waters, underground trails and an abundance of sea life, the BVI are one of the most esteemed snorkeling and scuba diving locations across the globe. With stunning reef fish located not far from the coastline, you can dive straight off your boat with your snorkel. Or get a bit more adventurous with a scuba diving class where you’ll see extraordinary shipwrecks, underwater tunnels and caves, healthy reefs of coral, huge grottoes and boulders and plenty of underwater life.

    A plethora of water sports on your charter

    Those crystalline waters aren’t just for looking – they are meant to be enjoyed. BVI charters give you access to some of the best water sports in the world. You can zoom and skip across the waves on a wake board, the wind whipping by as a boat pulls you into warp speed. Or take on a more technically challenging sport by stepping on a flyboard. When you master the balance of control and power, you’ll soar above the water. Looking for something mellower? Stand-up paddleboarding is almost meditative, giving you a core workout while you absorb the lovely scenery from the top of the ocean.

    If you’re scuba certified, you absolutely must experience BVI’s diving. Colorful coral gardens and an armada of wrecks await you underwater, where you’ll float among parrotfish, barracuda, sharks, turtles and a diverse array of other marine life. Plus, there’s kayaking, snorkeling and windsurfing to be had. A BVI boat charter is your trip to outdoor adventure.

    Friendly locals in the BVI

    When you’re chartering around the islands, you needn’t worry about finding somewhere tourist-friendly to stop off at, because every port, no matter how secluded, welcomes charter guests with open arms. With such a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere on each island, the locals make the whole experience of the BVI even more heartwarming and memorable.

    You’ll also find everyone is incredibly eco-conscious, with a huge focus on making sure the islands are kept as green as possible. This provides many with a welcome relief from the polluted cities they’ve traveled from.

    The Wreck of the Rhone

    As the only Marine National Park in the BVI, the Wreck of the Rhone is a must-see. Established in 1980, this is the most celebrated dive site in the area. Featuring the wreck of a Royal Mail steamer that sank in 1867 due to a hurricane, it allows you to immerse yourself in history, while also discovering some underwater sea life.

    Even though the wreck lies in two parts, the majority of it is still intact, allowing you to see various parts including the anchor, decking, steam engine and rigging. And, even after 150 years, there are still many artifacts for you to discover on board.

    The Baths

    No yacht charter to the BVI is complete without beholding the most stunning natural wonders. Located on the southwest coast of the island of Virgin Gorda, the Baths not only feature those pristine sandy beaches you’ll come to love, but they are also renowned for the majestic granite boulders that frame them.

    Formed by volcanoes millions of years ago, the boulders aren’t just an amazing sight above ground, as these impressive sculptures continue underwater, too. That’s why you want to make sure you’ve got your snorkel and underwater camera within arms reach.

    Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay

    Every month, Trellis Bay, Beef Island, holds a Full Moon Party, and if you’re sailing past on one of these dates, you’ll definitely want to attend.

    Vendors line the beach selling arts and crafts, local restaurants offer spectacular buffets and BBQs, and partygoers enjoy poi shows and live calypso music. Then, at midnight when the party’s in full swing, a giant fireball is lit in Trellis Bay. However, for families who don’t want to stay up too late but want to join in with the fun, there are earlier celebrations that boast all the magic of the full moon.