BVI Yacht Charters

Explore the British Virgin Islands in a whole new way

Can you imagine island-hopping across picture-perfect, turquoise waters, going from port to port while being pampered in a luxury, private yacht? Few places on earth are as beautiful as the British Virgin Islands (or, for short, BVI).

Yacht charters are simply the best way to get around in this magical slice of paradise because you’ll have the freedom to go from coral reef to coastal town to sandy, secluded beach. Sailing in the British Virgin Islands is certainly something to be experienced!

When someone closes their eyes and imagines a beach, often, what springs to mind is something like the idyllic scenery of the BVI. Yacht charter services from Worldwide Boat allow you to find the beach of your dreams and then turn right around to find another, one that will likely go beyond your imagination with its beauty! But the area offers more than beaches, with coral reefs and gardens to explore, too, and there’s so much to do on your private crewed yacht charter.

BVI yacht rentals with Worldwide Boat can include anything from a classic, classy sailing vessel to an incredible mega-yacht or motorized catamaran. We have a wide array of vessels available for you to charter, and you can book whatever is best for you and your party. Worldwide Boat has a vast network of charters, and we personally inspect boats and meet the captain and crew to ensure that you’ll have an amazing experience from start to finish. With us, you can also get expert advice on your itinerary, down to even helping to plan meals. It’s easier than ever to get a gorgeous yacht rental, BVI vacation, and amazing experience you’ll never forget with Worldwide Boat!

Why Charter a Yacht in the British Virgin Islands?

More Than 60 Islands and Cays
There’s a reason why there are so many yacht clubs and sailing vessels in the BVI: Yacht charter services allow you to see the area like never before. Island-hop across the Caribbean Sea and see the little islands, secluded beaches, or popular hot spots the area has to offer.

Snorkeling in Coral Reefs
When the national parks include vibrantly colorful coral reefs, you know you’re in a beautiful place. If all-natural rainforests of the seas aren’t your cup of tea, you could perhaps explore the shipwreck of the RMS Rhone, which is right off the coast. Any water-related sport, from paddle-boarding to water-skiing, will also be a good option in the area.

The Luxury of the Baths
You might have seen images of the turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches of the British Virgin Islands, but there’s nothing like seeing the world-famous baths at Virgin Gorda in person. It doesn’t really matter where you touch down; sandy shores and life-changing views await.

Distilleries, Parties, and Bars
The rum is never gone in the BVI! Yacht charters can take guests from port to port, where they can join in on the thriving nightlife. If you’re a fan of liquid recreation, why not visit Brewers Bay in Tortola?

Relaxation Any Time of the Year
The climate is pretty perfect in the British Virgin Islands. Yacht charter services are available practically year-round because of the tropical climate with little variation in the weather.

Some of the most popular islands to visit on your British Virgin Islands yacht charter:

Tortola Long BayTortola: The largest island of the BVI, Tortola’s landscape is a mix of tropical greenery, mountains, and white sandy beaches. Apple Bay offers the best waves for surfing, while Elizabeth Beach is ideal for a relaxing day of sunbathing. Tortola’s main town is Road Town and here you can find sites and landmarks to see that range from historical to artistic to delicious. Most British Virgin Islands yacht charters start and end in Tortola.

Jost Van DykeJost Van Dyke: Jost Van Dyke island was named after a famous Dutch pirate. The atmosphere on this island is not one of rest and leisure, but has been described as “one long island-style happy hour.” Definitely the party island of the archipelago, you can find a bar on every corner. Jost Van Dyke is one of the most popular islands in the BVI for our yacht charter guests so make sure you make a stop at The Soggy Dollar Bar or the Foxy’s.

Virgin GordaVirgin Gorda: The Baths on Virgin Gorda are consistently rated one of the top 10 destinations in the Caribbean. An amazing blend of stone, sand and palms, the Baths were formed when volcanic eruptions threw boulders the size of your house around like birdseed at a wedding. What was left was a maze that leads you from perfect beach to perfect beach.

AnegadaAnegada: The name of this land mass translates to “drowned island,” and at the highest point, Anegada is only 28 feet above sea level. Compared to the surrounding mountainous islands, Anegada is incredibly unique. It was formed by extruded sand from barrier reef and is protected by the horseshoe reef. While Anegada is a little distance away from other islands, it is worth visiting.

Norman Island snorkelingNorman Island: Norman Island is the largest uninhabited island in the BVI and is steeped in pirate legend, thus making it an exciting stop for yacht charters.Norman Island is home to the famous William Thornton, otherwise known as the Willy T floating bar. Norman Island is also the home to some of the best snorkeling and diving in the BVI at the Indians, the Caves, Angelfish Reef, and Spyglass wall.

Peter Island palm treesPeter Island: Peter Island is home to the upscale Peter Island Resort, a quiet five star getaway worth exploring. It’s a quick walk from Great Harbor, a safe anchorage, that boasts smooth water for waterskiing and wakeboarding. You can also lounge on the beach at Deadman’s Bay, in view of Dead Chest Island, the unfortunate home of 15 pirates all those years ago.

The Wreck of the RhoneSalt Island: Salt Island was named for its salt ponds, but is most famous as the location of a world-renowned shipwreck. The Wreck of The Rhone is one of the most famous dive sites in the world and a must stop for all diving yacht charters. Located off Salt Island, the R.M.S Rhone (Royal Mail Steamer) went down in 1867 in a hurricane and it is now of the most talked about diving sites.

Cooper IslandCooper Island: Mostly uninhabited Cooper Island is surrounded by coral reefs and dive sites. There are white sand beaches, no roads and only four privately owned properties on the island, plus the small beach club resort.You will see coconut palms, bougainvillea, yucca, orchids and other exotic plants on the island and a nice variety of birds. Cooper Island is a great stop on British Virgin Islands yacht charters.