Exumas Yacht Charters

The Exumas are the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas and one of the most amazing yacht charter destinations in the world with their natural beauty and untouched eco-system.

The Exumas feature outstanding anchorages for luxury yachts and catamarans and a plethora of superb reefs that make for ideal dive sites. Most of the islands are uninhabited and all are surrounded by sparkling clear waters, soft white sand beaches, and an array of marine life.

Exumas Yacht Charter Highlights

  • Spectacular water
  • Pristine beaches
  • Great for water sports
  • Family friendly cruising grounds

Exumas Yacht Charter Itinerary

In a week long Bahamas yacht charter itinerary you will be able to enjoy numerous water sports activities, snorkel the sunken plane, explore the Thunderball Grotto where James Bond movie was filmed, visit the famous swimming pigs and enjoy some of the most beautiful chartering grounds in the world.

Exumas itinerary map

Day 1: The Atlantis

Before leaving for the Exumas, spend the first night at the Atlantis Marina and enjoy many wonderful activities that the Atlantis Resort offers such their marine exhibits with over 250 marine species — from dolphins and sharks to rays and barracudas. For thrill seekers, the 141 acre Aquaventure water park has high-speed water, swimming pools, and a mile-long river ride complete with rapids and waves.

In the evening, try your luck at gambling at the Atlantis Casino or dance away in one of the vibrant nightclubs.

Atlantis Bahamas

Day 2: Highbourne Cay & Allen Cay

An early morning cruise to the Exumas where you will stop to visit Allan Cay to see the famous iguanas that are the only inhabitants and come out on the beach to be fed. Be sure to bring some fruit along to feed these magnificent reptiles by hand.

Cruise to the small fishing village on Highbourne Cay, a privately-owned island with beautiful beaches, walking trails, and excellent snorkeling. Just off the dock, you can see nurse sharks swimming just beneath the water as they seek out bits of scraps leftover from the day’s catch. At the marina, you can enjoy some fresh-baked Bahama bread or explore the nearby pristine beach.

Allen Cay iguanas

Day 3 & 4: Staniel Cay

There are many fun things to do around Staniel Cay.

  • Feed the famous swimming pigs at Big Majors. These pigs come out of the woods to the beach when they hear the motors from the tenders.
  • Thunderball Cave – Great snorkel site. Named after the Bond Movie that was shot there.
  • Staniel Cay Yacht Club – Night life, golf cart touring. A social hub of the Exumas.
  • Compass Cay – a natural paradise on this 2 mile long unspoiled haven of beaches, palms, cliffs and lagoons. There are numerous trails to walk, a creek to explore, and the ocean beach to enjoy. Don’t forget to head over by tender to feed the sharks.
  • Rachel Falls – by tender – a must do! (the weather needs to be right for this one.)
  • Samson Cay – by tender – beautiful island with great beaches.)

Exumas swimming pigs

Day 5: Shroud Cay

The crew can set you up on the beach at Shroud Cay for an all-day private beach picnic. It’s a day for some water sports and activities. The shallow tidal pools and mangroves around the cay are inhabited only sea turtles, crawfish, conch, fish, and a variety of birds. A kayak ride through the river will allow for excellent views and a serene trip. Go snorkeling at the “Sea Aquarium”, go water skiing or put the waverunners in the water.
Leaving Shroud Cay, stop at Hawksbill Cay to stroll the beautiful Half Moon beaches.

Shroud Cay

Day 6: Warderick Wells

Warderick Wells Cay is the headquarters of Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, a marine sanctuary”, where snorkeling is spectacular. View coral reefs of breath taking colors as well as an abundance of reef fish, lobster and conch and more.

Walk the beautiful beaches, particularly to where the skeleton of the 53-foot sperm whale still lies on the sand.

Warderick Wells

Day 7: Norman’s Cay

Norman’s Cay is a beautiful island with an intriguing history. From 1978 through 1982, the island was the home-base of Carlos Lehder’s drug smuggling ring.

Here you can snorkel the sunken DC 3 aircraft, and view thousands of fish throughout the wreckage. A trip through the very shallow inside lagoon at Normans will also be exciting as you tour the famous Cocaine Cave and Conch cave.

Norman's Cay sunken plane

Day 8: Back to Nassau

Leave Normans Cay early morning and return to Nassau, a bustling capital of the Bahamas for airport departure. If time permits, visit the world-famous Nassau Straw Market. It’s home to handmade Bahamian crafts, gifts, souvenirs and hand-woven straw hats, bags, mats, dolls, conch shell jewelry and wood carvings.

Children will enjoy a visit to the Pirates of Nassau Museum where they can learn about Nassau’s seafaring days, explore a replica of the pirate ship Revenge and interact with theatrical pirate hosts.

Nassau Bahamas

Sharing a getaway with friends and family is one of the things that makes travel so wonderful, but it can also make choosing a destination that will make everyone happy difficult. Luckily, The Exuma islands have a little something for everyone. The Exumas are the perfect destination for animal lovers, beach lovers, snorkelers and divers, and fearless explorers. Create memories with your loved ones on Exumas yacht charters!