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Abacos yacht charters offer a bit of everything — placid waters, secluded anchorages, rich history, and unspoiled beaches and cays for the guests to explore — making the island the ideal pick for your next vacation!

Boasting quaint colonial towns, local art and culture, two golf courses, miles and miles of sandy beaches, great fishing and diving, and a wonderful selection of restaurants and bars, the Abacos are the most complete Bahamas yacht charter destination in Out Islands – and they are just a short flight from the U.S. East Coast.

Abaco Yacht Charter Highlights

  • White sandy beaches
  • Crystal clear waters
  • World-class fishing
  • Charming colonial towns
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Abacos Yacht Charter Itinerary

On your Abacos yacht charter be prepared to spend a week in a secluded tropical paradise. A week-long yacht charter itinerary will let you explore sandy beaches, charming coastal towns, and abundant sea life, far from the crowds and the tourist traps.

Day 1: Marsh Harbour to Man O’War Cay

Abacos - Man O'War Cay
After leaving Marsh Harbour, we’ll cruise the clear waters to Man O’War Cay, a protected area with friendly locals. Boating enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the Albury family’s boat-building facilities, where boats are still being handmade as they have for 200 years. The island’s main “road” is the Queen’s Highway, a double-wide sidewalk that is used by golf carts and pedestrians alike – but there are no cars on Man O’War Cay. Enjoy lunch at the Dock and Dine and spend the afternoon on the beach or in the water.

Day 2: Little Harbor

Abacos beach
In the early morning, we’ll cruise to Sandy Cay, a tiny island of only sand, brush, and a few trees. You’ll probably be the only one on the island! Next, we’ll continue your yacht charter as we head to Little Harbor. Beautiful beaches, excellent diving, and blue holes mark this gorgeous island. You may want to visit the 100-year-old lighthouse, which used to be home to the lighthouse keeper and his wife, who at the time were the only inhabitants of the cay. Enjoy drinks at Pete’s Pub before boarding for a restful night’s sleep.

Day 3: Hope Town

Abacos Bahamas
Located on Elbow Cay, Hope Town is a serene village that is untouched by tourist-aimed consumerism. Here you’ll find delicious cuisine, picturesque scenery, pristine beaches, and ideal sailing, diving, and snorkeling. Elbow Cay is only four and a half miles long but offers a restful break that makes your yachting vacation seem to stand still, at least for a little while.

Day 4: Green Turtle Cay

Abacos beach
Named after the numerous green turtles that live here, Green Turtle Cay is a beautiful island that represents a mix of the vibrant Bahamas with the charm of a New England seaside. The island is only three miles long and half a mile wide, but it offers fabulous white sandy beaches and calm, crystal waters. On your Abacos yacht charter, you will cruise into White Sound, where you’ll see bright parrots perched in the surrounding palm trees. You’ll enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling and exploring the historical sites on this small island before having dinner at the Green Turtle Club.

Day 5: Treasure Cay

Abacos is the perfect location for yacht charters
We’ll start early to cruise to Treasure Cay, and after a delicious breakfast catered to your tastes, we’ll drop anchor to allow you to tender to the island. Choose a round of golf or shopping before enjoying the pristine beach and warm waters. This resort town offers all of the amenities that you’d expect from a larger island with none of the crowds.

Day 6: Elbow Cay

Elbow Cay Abaco
We’ll enter the White Sound of Elbow Cay in the early afternoon, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy this vivid village with its convenient marina and restaurants. Tahiti Beach draws surfers to ride its large waves because it lacks a protective reef like many of the other island beaches.

Day 7: Marsh Harbour

Abacos - Marsh Harbour
As your yacht charter yacht casually returns to Marsh Harbour, you’ll have time to pack your belongings and enjoy the sea breeze in your hair as we journey past some scenic spots on our return trip.

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