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Visit the pink sandy beaches on your Harbour Island yacht charter! Dubbed one of the “Best Bahamas Beaches” by top travel enthusiasts, experts, and travel guides across the globe, Harbour Island – just a mile off the Eleuthera island – is a popular yacht charter destination known for its whimsical pink sand beaches, shimmering sunsets, and calm, turquoise waters.

Only three miles long and half a mile wide, Harbour Island is as quaint as it is luxurious; dotted with celeb-filled streets, bougainvillea-clad hotels, Georgian architecture, and pastel shops. A true gem buried deep in the Bahamian tropics, Harbour Island is the perfect escape for charter guests seeking the quiet respite of a coastal paradise. Don’t believe us? Set sail to a Harbour Island yacht charter and see it for yourself. You’ll experience an island getaway that promises to be the vacation of your dreams.

Harbour Island Yacht Charter Highlights

  • Pink sand beaches
  • Charming Dunmore town
  • Great snorkeling and diving
  • Gourmet dining
  • Upscale resorts
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Harbour Island Yacht Charters: Things to Do & See

Harbour Island pink sand beach

Pink Sands Beach of Harbour Island

Famous for the color that gives it its name, Pink Sands Beach is home to an array of five-star resorts, natural wonders, and of course, its one-of-a-kind, coral-colored beaches – blush by day, and a vibrant, glowing pink at sunset. Yacht charter guests will usually find locals wading through the shoreline’s tranquil blue waters; a beautiful sight, offset by the broken shells, pieces of rock, and small, nearly invisible “Foraminifera” that give Pink Sands Beach its signature color.

Dunmore Town

As the capital of Harbour Island, Dunmore Town sits more towards the center of the island – symbolic, considering it’s also the area’s center of life. A quaint, but lively little town, it is distinguished by the Colonial-era clapboard houses that line its narrow streets, shaded only by the tall trees and verdant landscapes towering above.

Briland’s Blue Hole

The surrounding waters of Harbour Island are home to indigenous sea creatures, mystical shipwrecks, coral gardens, hidden caves, and a true buried treasure, Briland’s Blue Hole. Several miles off Harbour Island, this 1996 discovery turned out to be a system of underwater caverns; the entryway to a submerged sinkhole filled with bone-white walls, clear and colorless water, and diverse schools of brightly-colored fish.

Loyalist Cottage

With architecture dating back to the late 1700s, Loyalist Cottage is one of the oldest homes on Bay Street; built by one of the island’s original settlers in 1797. Easy to spot with its turquoise exterior and bright white trim, this historic locale, now privately-owned, is the most photographed house on the island.

Amazing Snorkeling

On Harbour Island, there is no shortage of activities for avid snorkelers. With its Elkhorn corals, vibrant fish, and harmless rays, Sea Gardens turns underwater exploration into a fairy tale; while Pink House Reef – dotted with cup corals, starfish, and glowing, tropical species – makes for a magical adventure. Seeking less fairy tale, and more history? Swim through Cienfuegos or the Vanaheim, and you’ll be able to see some of the island’s more shallow shipwrecks.

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