Exuma Yacht Charters

The Exumas are the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas, just perfect for yacht charters

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  • Reserving one of many luxurious Exuma yacht charters is the best way to experience the natural beauty this part of the world has to offer. Located in the Bahamas island chain of the Caribbean, the Exuma archipelago consists of 365 isolated cays that span over 100 miles of gorgeous cruising grounds.

    The Exumas feature outstanding anchorages for luxury yachts and catamarans and a plethora of superb reefs that make for ideal dive sites. Most of the islands are uninhabited and all are surrounded by sparkling clear waters, soft white sand beaches, and an array of marine life.

    Sharing a getaway with friends and family is one of the things that makes travel so wonderful, but it can also make choosing a destination that will make everyone happy difficult. Luckily, The Exuma islands have a little something for everyone. Here are the area’s top attractions for animal lovers, beach lovers, snorkelers and divers, and fearless explorers. Visit them all on our Exumas yacht charters!

    For Animal Lovers

    You may not immediately think of animals when you picture a vacation in The Bahamas, but nature is at her best here. Tropical temperatures aren’t just perfect for a swim, they’re also great for supporting life. Lush jungles and reefs provide an abundance of nutrients. Even humans have helped by importing and caring for numerous species on these islands. The result? They’re full of furry, feathery, and scaly creatures. And the best part is some of these critters want to meet you.

    Compass Cay
    Ever wanted to swim with sharks? How about without a cage? Before you insist this is an activity for fearless explorers, the sharks at Compass Bay are small, docile nurse sharks who are accustomed to tourists. Add this stop to your trip and you can tell everyone back home that you swam with sharks without worrying about Jaws music in the background.

    Snorkeling with nurse sharks

    Allan’s Cay
    This private island is home to some of The Exumas’ hungriest critters: Wild Rock Iguanas. The moment you step onto their beach, they’ll come running for a tribute of lettuce and grapes. Once fat and happy, they love nothing better than to share a stretch of beach with their fellow human sunbathers. Enjoy!

    Pig Beach
    Yup, this beach is exactly what it sounds like. Wild pigs live on Big Major Cay near Staniel Cay with no natural predators – only a natural affinity for greeting visitors by swimming out to anchored boats to say “hi.” Your onboard staff will reserve some watermelon rinds or other scraps to help you say hello right back. Get ready for some snub-nosed kisses!

    For Beach Lovers

    Wiggle your toes in powdery-soft, bleach-white sand. Listen to waves rolling in and out. Gaze out of miles and miles of blue, turquoise, and azure waters. There are thousands of beaches in the Exuma, each more beautiful than the last. And when you’re on a luxury yacht from Worldwide Boat, you can visit them all, one by one. Of course, if you don’t have time for an endless vacation, you’ll want to check out these three top beaches first on your Exuma charter.

    Coco Plum Beach
    Even the name of this beach evokes images of crystal clear turquoise waters and swaying palm trees. And that’s exactly what you’ll get – plus several shallow sand bars that keep waters calm and allow you to walk farther out into the water than you’d expect. Sway like a palm tree yourself in one of the beach’s swings, then study dollar souvenirs that you can pick up right off the sand.

    Three-Sisters Beach
    This stretch of beautiful white sand gets its name from a local legend: three sisters were in love with a sailor who died in a shipwreck; in their grief, they walked out into the water and never returned. It’s said that the three rocks you can see from shore are the sisters themselves, become a part of the sea. Legends aside, this pristine, uncrowded beach is the perfect getaway. Come ashore and enjoy a cookout and ponder the good things in life from the beautiful gazebo.

    Musha Cay Sand Bar
    Looking for something even more secluded? Then Musha Cay is where you should point your bough. This beach features a long, shallow sand bar that just peeks out of the water. Stroll along its sugary white sand and enjoy 360-degree views of stunning ocean blue.

    For Snorkelers and Divers

    The Exumas are a chain of 365 islets and cays sprinkled over 100 miles of ocean. That means plenty of chances for snorkelers and divers to get some time in the water. Even better, nature has provided this area with an abundance of coral reefs and colorful fish, while history has provided them with some surprising attractions as well. Strap on your mask and flippers and explore these underwater wonders for yourself.

    Mystery Cave
    Looking for a dive that’s anything but everyday? Then head to the Mystery Cave just south of Stocking Island. Snorkel around its entrance to study how this deep hole and waters change from bright turquoise to royal blue just 15 feet below the surface. Here, the sea floor rapidly drops down to 100 feet and eventually reaches depths of 400 feet. Snorkelers can study the change from above, while divers will want full scuba gear to see how far they can go!

    Sunken Plane
    While the Exumas are one of the Caribbean’s Hidden gems, there were even fewer people visiting back in the 1970s and 1980s. At the time, the seclusion of Norman’s Cay made it an attractive place for drug smuggling. Today, it’s an even better place to experience a unique dive. Nefarious origins aside, the sunken drug plane off Norman’s Cay is a shallow wreckage that can be explored by scuba or snorkel. Don’t worry, there aren’t any drugs here anymore, but you may meet a nurse shark!

    Norman's Cay sunken plane

    For Fearless Explorers

    Is there a fearless explorer in your group? This person loves adventures and won’t be content to lounge on a beach sunbathing all day, no matter how beautiful The Exumas are. They prefer the heart-pounding excitement that comes from going where few others have gone before or discovering for themselves the most unique places in The Exumas. For them, Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, along with a legendary cave, are the perfect places to get their adrenaline pumping and allow them to explore new places. And, because this is The Exumas, a relaxing day at the beach is never far away for those in your group who would prefer to abstain when you’re on an Exumas yacht charter.

    Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park
    The Exumas are about enjoying The Caribbean to its fullest, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of places to explore on land as well. Luckily, there’s one stop you can make that allows you to get the best of both worlds: The Exuma Cays Lands and Sea Park. This explorable land and sea preserve is the first of its kinds in the world. Its waters are teeming with fish and lobster.

    Exumas snorkeling

    Even more unique, you’ll meet some of the world’s most ancient creatures. Stromatolites are beautiful blue-green reef algae that are some of the oldest living evidence of early life on the planet. Fossils of them date back three-to-five billion years. And after you’ve travelled back in time? Come ashore for some of the best hiking in The Caribbean!

    Thunderball Grotto
    History and popular culture are full of famous explorers: Ferdinand Magellan, Jacques Cousteau, and Indiana Jones. But what about heroes who became unintentional explorers simply because they had a job to do that took them all over the world? That’s the case with Thunderball Grotto, named after the James Bond movie that was filmed here. In fact, a second Bond thriller, Never Say Never Again, filmed scenes here as well, along with movies Splash and Into the Blue.

    Bring your own waterproof camera and you could be a star (on social media at least) while you explore this cave just north of Staniel Cay for yourself. Holes in the grottos’ ceiling provide sun and moonlight for scenes you’ll never forget!

    Exploring the Exumas by boat is the best way to check off each of these attractions on your list. And booking with Worldwide Boat means you’ll get to enjoy them in luxury, too. Let us handle all the details, like transportation, delicious onboard meals, comfortable accommodations, and equipment. Book a private luxury Exumas yacht charter today!