Top 10 Watersports in the Exumas

The Exumas are a stunning chain of islands in the Bahamas that offers a world of watersports

The aquamarine waters of the Exumas, in particular, are a haven for all things water-based. Here, you can snorkel or dive a shipwreck teeming with tropical fish or try an adventurous new sport like e-foiling or flyboarding.

While those precious pigs are just one highlight of your adventure in this picturesque island destination, when you’re on a yacht charter in the Exumas you don’t want to miss the opportunity to explore the islands in style. For many charterers, the sheer number of things to consider within an itinerary can feel overwhelming.

Regardless of your charter experience, as your charter experts, we will curate a customized vacation for you to experience on the water. Whether you’re diving into the sea or searching the shores for hidden gems, these are 4 watersports to try this charter season in the Exumas.

1. Jet skiing

Dynar jetskis

There’s something irresistible about setting off on your own in the glimmering Exuma blue waters. One of the best ways to hop between the long chain of isles, from the less-explored Stocking Island to the remote wonders of Great Guana Cay, is by jet ski. Skip on the tops of the shallows, ride the waves or glide from one beach to the next with ease.

Why rent a jet ski when you can bring your own? You can have this and more with a private yacht charter in the Exumas.

2. Flyboarding

flyboard and a yacht

Haven’t heard of flyboarding? Well, you’re in for a treat! A flyboard is a board you wear on your feet that is propelled through the air by a jet stream of water. Flyboarding is a relatively new sport, and it’s one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in the Exumas as you flip, spin, and jump high above the water.

There are numerous places to flyboard throughout the Bahamas. From the crystal-clear waters off Coco Plum Beach, to the quiet shores of Pigeon Cay (which is also a diving hotspot), you can take to the air and test your balance and endurance while flyboarding. Just check with your broker; flyboards are exclusive to a select number of yachts.

3. E-Foiling

A girl on a hydrofoil

E-foiling has been on a number of “best new hobbies” lists, and a yacht charter in the Exumas is the best time to try it out. E-foiling, also known as hydrofoiling or electric foiling, is a type of water sports activity in which a rider stands on a hydrofoil board that is propelled through the water by an electric motor. The hydrofoil board is designed to lift out of the water when it reaches a certain speed, allowing the rider to “fly” above the surface of the water.

E-foiling is great all around the Exumas, especially in the waters around Osprey Cay, a private island located in the Exumas’ sea and land park. You can jet through the waters exploring the area and looking for new snorkel spots.

4. Swimming with nurse sharks

Snorkeling with nurse sharks

The Compass Cay marina owners will tell you that nurse sharks make nice pets. If you love sharks or just a good thrill, then you won’t want to miss a chance to swim with the “mostly mild-mannered” nurse sharks that live at the marina on Compass Cay in the Outer Exumas.

5. Kayaking through mangroves

At Last kayak

The small cays of the Exumas are best explored by kayak. If you’re the adventurous type, then a kayak through the mangroves is just what you need. The crystal clear waters and uninhabited cays of Bonefish Cay, Green Turtle Cay, and Jewfish Cay are perfect for tropical bird spotting.

There are a few amazing routes for kayaking across the Exumas, including Emerald Bay as well as the stretch between Little Exuma and Great Exuma.

6. Paddle Boarding

Sweet Escape paddleboards

The Exumas are home to guides offering an unforgettable SUP experience. Climb atop a paddleboard for tours weaving through the shallows of cays and mangroves. The views of brilliant turquoise blue are stunning, and you’ll find it easy to keep up with the pace of these gentle waters. One of the best spots for paddleboarding is Moriah Harbour Cay, where you might just spot a sea turtle (if you’re lucky!).

7. Waterskiing and Wakeboarding

Yacht Northern Sun Waterskiing


Make your own path with a pair of water skis or a wakeboard. The shallows surrounding the island chains of the Exumas play host to long stretches of sea in between the small islands—perfect for trying out new stunts! Boats are available to rent or you can bring your own waterskiing and wakeboarding equipment. The best way to stock your inventory for watersports is with a private yacht charter in the Bahamas.

8. Banana Boating

Big Sky banana

Akin to a ride atop an inner tube, a banana boat allows you to tug up to twelve people behind. Banana boating is quickly gaining popularity because it lets everyone experience the thrills of speeding along the coast together. And if you go with Elite Watersports as your guide, each ride ends with a flip!

9. Snorkeling

Exuma snorkeling

All across the Exumas, snorkeling allows you to explore colorful marine landscapes and underwater caves. Some of the best snorkeling spots can be found in the wildlife sanctuaries of Exuma Cays Land Sea Park and the small neighboring waters of Stocking Island. You can swim along Fowl Cay Reef to spot fishes “by the millions,” see an old ship’s mast and brain corals at Harbor Buoys and eye the reef structures of Duck Cay.

One of the most-sought snorkeling locations the Exumas is an underwater cave called the Thunderball Grotto—a hidden gem in Staniel Cay on your way to Big Major Cay (Pig Island).

10. Swimming

Miss Kulani guest swimming

Saving the best for last—swimming in the Exumas is heavenly. Between the miles of powder-sand beaches, hidden cays, and underwater caverns, the best part about a trip to the beach is getting in the water. You can also enjoy a walk along miles of sandbars and wade into the waters at the enchanting Coco Plum Beach in Great Exuma.

The top watersports in the Exumas are enough to keep you busy for days

Do it all, and more when you set sail for the Exumas at your own pace. You’ll get to explore all the Caribbean has to offer on the vacation of a lifetime with a private yacht charter in the Bahamas.