10 Best Beaches in the Bahamas

Explore some of the most beautiful beaches in the world on your Bahamas yacht charter

Step off the beaten path—or boat—to experience the best beaches in the Bahamas. If you seek powder-soft sands, tropical sunset views, and a savory island pace, the small isles surrounding the Bahamas are home to some of the best beaches, not just in the Caribbean, but in the world.

This is our list of top 10 beaches in the Bahamas:

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island

Powdery, pink sand and sparkling waters may sound like a dream, but you’ll find it among the best beaches in the Bahamas. Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island is a three-mile stretch of 50- to 100-ft wide blush-pink sand for pure relaxation along the Atlantic shore. If you’re wondering where the unexpectedly pink color comes from, it is the result of microscopic coral life called Foraminifera that originates in the reefs.

Swimming is highly encouraged and scuba diving is abundant in nearby waters. Slow the day to a laid-back island pace for one of the most stunning beaches on the planet, and stop for drinks and taste the local conch before watching the sun set.

Tropic of Cancer Beach, Exumas

Tropic of Cancer Beach

You’ve likely been searching for a remote location where the endless-turquoise blue meets Caribbean island shores. At the Tropic of Cancer Beach in Little Exuma, you’ll find a less-traveled stretch of fine white sands forming a crescent that goes on for miles.

Named for the tropic that runs right through it, it’s one of the locals’ best-kept secrets (so you’ll have the run of the place to yourself should you venture out here).

Stocking Island Beaches, Exumas

Just off the coast of Greater Exuma is a hidden collection of secluded Atlantic beaches on Stocking Island, stretching from Powder Beach to Sand Dollar Beach. One of the first things you’ll notice upon arrival is the abundance of stingrays that swim in with the tides. Shallow waters allow you to explore marine life in the tidepools or simply float the day away.

Old Bight Beach, Cat Island

Cat Island is proof that less is more, as a quiet walk along the southwest coast of the island is a near-spiritual experience. With five miles of pristine sands and tropical waters, Old Bight Beach is the ideal natural setting for sunbathing or stopping for a deep relaxation session between the island sounds and the calming flow of the tides. You’ll find five miles of pristine white beach here that offers a truly Bahamian experience.

Coco Plum Beach, Exumas

Coco Plum Beach Exumas

That iconic stretch of the sandbar and turquoise water you’ve so longingly wished for can be experienced in the Exumas. At low tide, witness the sandbars of Coco Plum Beach extend (as far as the eye can see!) with a walk to the water’s edge. Starfish and sand dollars can be spotted along the beach, especially when the tides are low, so drop anchor and take some time to look around.

Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera

Lighthouse Beach Eleuthera

Remote, beautiful, and unique—Lighthouse Beach in Eleuthera is the stuff of fairytales. A one-of-a-kind feature of this Caribbean beach is the way the painted layers of sand peek out from the towering dunes. Here, you can hike along the white, sandy trail to reach the old lighthouse.

The road to reach Lighthouse Beach is treacherous without a high-clearance vehicle, so opt to arrive by boat with a private yacht charter in the Bahamas.

Rose Island Beach, Rose Island

Rose Island is home to the most unusual sight—the swimming pigs! Many flock to Rose Island Beach to swim with the pigs that roam free in and out of the waters. Rose Island is also known for its prime snorkeling spots that hold schools of tropical fishes and corals in the shallows.

Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island

Anchor your yacht at Atlantis and set off for one of the most beautiful beaches in Nassau. Cabbage Beach is an endless stretch of sugar-white sands and aquamarine waters that invite you for a day’s swim in paradise. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the shops and restaurants of Atlantis before continuing on your journey.

Tahiti Beach, Abaco

Tahiti Beach Abaco

Another prime beach for far-reaching sandbars is Tahiti Beach in Abaco. During low tide, immerse yourself in views of turquoise blue, soak in the Caribbean sun, and wade into the shallows. The best way to reach Tahiti Beach is by boat via a private yacht charter in the Bahamas, so grab a spot beneath the coconut trees and stretch your legs for a bit.

Junkanoo Beach, Nassau

One of the most happening spots in the Bahamas, Junkanoo Beach in Nassau has everything you’d ever want from a Caribbean beach, and more. It’s one of the most well-known and well-traveled beaches of the Bahamas. The gorgeous blue-green gemstone waters, downtown markets and restaurants and island music in the air are sure to liven the mood.

Have you been to any of the best beaches in the Bahamas?

After unpacking the list, it’s easy to see why the Bahamas is no ordinary place. From the unexpectedly pink sands and swimming pigs to the famed remote shores and iconic sandbars jutting out into the turquoise blue, the best beaches in the Bahamas are best reached by boat.

You can explore all the best beaches and greatest treasures the Caribbean has to offer on the vacation of a lifetime with a private yacht charter in the Bahamas.